Disney Suspending College Program due to park closure

Walt Disney World Sign

In a post shared on Reddit from Darkzed1 it seems Disney will be suspending their College Program due to the park closure.

Here is the information that was shared.

In the post, Disney will be suspending the Disney College Program, Cultural Exchange, and Academic Exchange program, also they will be closing many of the Disney Program Housing complex buildings and asking the participants to depart by 11 am on March 18th.

All of the Disney College Program Cast Members will be paid through the end of the month and housing deductions will be waived effective immediately. Also, they will be given a successful program completion to ensure the opportunity to pursue future roles with the company!

While we know it has to be rough having to pack up and move, Disney is still taking care of the Disney College Program Cast Members by paying them while they are off and waiving their rent.

Disney expressed that there is nothing more important than their cast members and they are looking out for their extended family…

Please note this information was shared from an outside source and we are awaiting official word from Disney.

Stay Tuned.

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