Disney Springs’ YeSake Serves Up Drinkable Cotton Candy

YeSake Japanese Country Fair

Cotton candy has gotten a makeover and it is refreshing.Disney SpringsYeSake has debuted a new and unique beverage called ”Japanese County Fair” that boasts a cotton candy flavor and an icy finish that will cool off guests on even the hottest of Florida days.

YeSake is located on Disney Springs’ west side, close to Planet Hollywood and Starbucks. It’s an outdoor booth with a lot of delicious options such as Taiyaki, a sweet red bean stuffed pastry, and chicken buns. The drink menu is never short of tasty options either, although the Japanese Country Fair does not appear on that menu and guests will want to request it by name.

The drink is a beautiful bright blue color, reminiscent of the cotton candy its flavor comes from. Though technically not a slushy, the ice in the drink is so fine that one could be tricked into believing it is. And the sweetest part of all is a dollop of pink cotton candy on top. For an extra fee, sake can be added to make the drink alcoholic.

The flavor of this drink needn’t deter those who claim not to like cotton candy or things ”oversweet.” The ratio of ice actually brings a much lighter taste and refreshing quality to the beverage, even though it tastes remarkably like cotton candy. The cotton candy on top melts disappointingly fast, but that should probably be expected in warmer climates and with the exposure to moisture from the drink. Even though the cotton candy doesn’t look beautiful, it melts and adds its color, reminding any Disney fan of a ”make it pink, make it blue” Sleeping Beauty moment.

The Japanese County Fair costs $8.52 after tax and is a great accompaniment to YeSake’s teriyaki chicken buns. Find it at Disney Springs on your next visit!

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Allison Luna