Disney World being sued over Annual Passholder Computer Glitch

Annual Passholder

Two Disney annual passholders have filed a lawsuit seeking class action status after the Disney company mistakenly charged them before the parks officially reopened from the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

Disney’s charging error happened Friday, prompting a blaze of complaints on social media from passholders who were normally billed monthly but now had unexpectedly found lump-sum bills pending in their bank accounts. Back in April, Disney had promised not to bill Annual Passholders who were registered for the monthly payment plan until the parks were back open.

The two Disney Passholders filing the suit are Sarah Heinman and Liza Bertran from Miami-Dade County. They accused Disney of breach of contract and filed in Orange Circuit Court. The duo are seeking more than $30,000. According to the lawsuit, Disney charged Heinman $905 and Bertran $520, the equivalent of four months of payments “in one fell swoop.”

The Walt Disney Company acknowledged it was a glitch and issued an apology. The company reassured their customers that the charges will be reversed, but it will depend on each person’s bank at to how long it would take.

Disney has not provided a comment about the lawsuit. We’ll provide updates when more information becomes available in regards to the case.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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3 thoughts on “Disney World being sued over Annual Passholder Computer Glitch

  1. This is such a scam! $30,000 really? Try calling your credit card company or bank AFTER you contact Disney. Yes it was a BIG mistake made less than a week ago that they said would be corrected. Talk about taking advantage, figures from MIami…

  2. Oh dear God. My never even came out of my account it was sitting in pending. SMH…. Why does everybody think they can sue Disney for everything?

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