All the Disney Spirit Jerseys That We Want Right Now

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Disney Spirit Jerseys

The cozy and comfy Disney Spirit Jerseys have quickly become one of the hottest Disney style trends. It seems that almost every week a new color of theme is debuting at the parks too! With so many different jerseys to choose from, it’s hard to keep track. So we put together a round up of the must have Spirit Jerseys that we can’t resist.

The Christmas and Millennial Pink Spirit Jerseys were the first ones to really jump start the must have trend. There had been several colors before hand, but they weren’t a sell out sensation until the Christmas and Millennial Pink ones. The Christmas ones weren’t too hard to come by, but the soft pink beauties sold out instantly, and haven’t been seen since. When the Rose Gold jerseys debuted, I think we all forgot about the light pink darling, and jumped straight for these. The Rose Gold shirt was an instant sell out! These do restock now, but tend to sell out not long after. Currently the Disneyland version is available on shopDisney.

The Rock the Dots Minnie Mouse Spirit Jersey was the next must have of that came out last month. This red jersey features Minnie’s signature polka-dots and bow! This one restocks occasionally, but is also quick to sell out. The Disneyland version of this one is also still available on shopDisney.

The Periwinkle and Mint are two newer colors that are quite popular. The mint is a nice update to last fall’s teal Jersey that is now hard to find. The lighter pastels of these new Jerseys are perfect for the spring season just around the corner. Mint and Periwinkle are both currently available online!

One of the newest styles, is the “Mineral Wash” jerseys in blue and gray. These are definetly a throw back to the late 80s, early 90s “acid wash” trend. The Mineral Wash Spirit Jersey – Blue and Mineral Wash Spirit Jersey – Gray are both on shopDisney.

The sage green Spirit Jersey isn’t hard to find, but is a really nice neutral that everyone can enjoy wearing, especially if you aren’t into vibrant colors. This one, and the black one make great wardrobe basics you can mix and match with lots of pieces. The green ones are available online, but the solid black is in the parks only.

That brings us to the newest MUST HAVE Disney Spirit Jerseys, the new Princess themed ones! These are currently only available at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort them parks.

Ariel is gorgeous in aqua and purple glitter! This shirt is currently number one on my must have list right now.

The Cinderella jersey captures the gossamer blue of her Fairy Godmother ball gown, and features a silver glitter glass slipper on the front, and silver logo on the back.

The Sleeping Beauty jersey looks cozy enough to take a nap in! This is a really awesome jersey if you missed out on the Millennial Pink jersey from last year, it’s not quite the same shade, but pretty close. A passionate deep pink glitter adorns the rose logo on the front, and Disney logo on the back.

Last but not least is Disney’s original Princess, Snow White! This is a really unique jersey because of the ombré/faded wash design. Blue melts into white and yellow, and topped off with a red glitter apple and Disney logo that pulls together her signature color palette. Snow White isn’t even my favorite princess, but I love the design concept of this jersey soooo much!

These Disney Spirit Jerseys are a selection of the most popular jerseys available now. You can find lots of solid colors at select locations in the Disney Parks, but selections do tend to vary. Which color or Disney character design would you like to see on a Spirit Jersey next?