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    I went and do love music. I hadnt read anything on the show prior to seeing it on the first performance. I left the show just very meh. The orchestra part of it was amazing, definitely very accomplished. I didnt think it had much of a connection for me. No storyline I could follow, no emotional connection to the films or characters, I feel badly as this looks to be a show with a lot of effort put into it, but it just fell flat for me. Many of the people in the audience walked out before the end. I was sitting in the right hand bleacher section and there wasnt 10 people in that section by the end of the show. Others sitting closer did give it a standing ovation, and one of my other friends loved it. Seems like it is very hit and miss. I am sad, as I love seeing live music in the parks. Marie

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    Andrea H

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I am hoping it is still there on our next trip. I love the Pixar musical scores and often play them at home in the background as I work and/or study.

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