Disney Rumored to Bring Back Johnny Depp For New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film

Disney Rumored to Bring Back Johnny Depp For New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ Film. Before you break out into your best half-memorized but full-hearted rendition of “Yo ho a Pirates Life for Me”, please note this is merely a rumor at this time.

That being said, supposed “intel” states that Disney is looking to bring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow back on board for the next Pirates of the Caribbean film, only this time in a supporting role, rather than the films protagonist. The next Pirates film will follow the adventures of a female pirate, likely the highly favored mysterious character commonly referred to as “Redd.”

Redd is a revitalized version of the red headed woman that was featured in the old bride auction scene of the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at the Disney Parks around the world, who has since been re-imagined to be the Captain of the motley crew that lines the docks of the attractions.

Disney has been making a conscious effort to be more inclusive and give audiences more relatable characters to inspire and share fantastic and magical stories of adventure, romance, and more, and it looks like they aim to do the same on the high seas.

As stated before, this is merely a rumor at this time with zero confirmation by Disney, but Johnny Depp’s return would be a triumphant one after the scathing slander he took publicly from his ex-wife, and if the rumors be true, well then “drink up me ‘earties, Yo ho!”

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Featured Photo Credit: Disney


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