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  1. 131


    Forget it if its Zac efron
    Wont be watching it Johnny is captain jack sparrow

  2. 130

    Lori Wilson

    Hell no we won’t go see it or buy the dvd if Depp isn’t Capt.Jack!!!!! This role was created by him and made me fall in love with him as an actor!!!! But as for the character of Capt Jack, I fell so hard for him that when I found an impersonator here locally that is so good at doing JOHNNY DEPP I fell for him too!!! Maybe Disney should hire LARRY COMBS in CINCINATTI, OH to play Capt Jack if they don’t want Depp…people would never know the difference!!!!! But changing to a totally different character is a huge mistake from Disney!!!!!

  3. 129


    No thanks

  4. 128


    I wont watch it if its a jack sparrow movie without depp, he is the only character that suits the play.. No one else.. What makes them think its good to change the main actor?

  5. 127

    Felix fong

    Not a good Idea by changing MrDepp.. Im sure not gonna watch is ya’ll go change the main Hero in this story.. “This is the day that you will remember, is the day you almost catch captain Jack sparrow”

  6. 126

    Nathan Kondor

    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow.

  7. 125


    Nooooo!! If they replace the amazing Mr Depp that would be a mess 😭😭😭😭 no one should replace him in this character, if only Zac Efron will be appointed as his son that would be okay but not as a Captain Jack Sparrow only one person could play that role and Johnny Depp😭😭

  8. 124

    Jenny Cothern

    I’d only watch a reboot if they go into prequels showing a young Jack Sparrow, or if they make Zac Efron the son of Jack Sparrow. That’s it. There is no other Jack Sparrow.

  9. 123

    Marjorie Espinosa

    There’s no way I’m gonna watch it. It won’t be a success if it wasn’t for Johnny Depp. No one can ever replace him as Captain Jack Sparrow. He made that character. You’ll just going to ruin the movie. 😢😢😢

  10. 122


    No no no

  11. 121


    Y’all are fucking retarded if you think people will watch it without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

  12. 120


    Y’all gonna ruin it. For everyone. Bcuz Johnny depp made captain jack sparrow. No one can replace what a wonderful job he did. So go ahead and ruin today’s kids and today’s generation and the generation before now by rebooting and recreating pirates of the Caribbean. F*ck that

  13. 119


    pinoy ko pero ayaw intaeun niyu alisdi sa Johnny Depp….. xa rai byay ana nga role intawun…

  14. 118


    Hell no! No one can take Johnny Depp’s place as Captain Jack Sparrow. Your going to have to do a lot of convincing if you want me to watch that.

  15. 117



  16. 116


    If Jack sparrow is played by anyone but Johnny depp that will be a mistake and I know I will NOT be watching that film. There is only 1 Jack sparrow.

  17. 115

    Matt L

    I will not be watching it, Johnny Depp made that character and made Disney millions

  18. 114


    Boo this is just not right please dont you’ll ruin the whole thing. Either drop it and not make another one or make one with Johnny in it. Hes the only captain we need thanks

  19. 113


    Disney can reportedly kiss ma ass, no one to replace Johnny Depp MFS😑😡

  20. 112


    Gosh i hate disney! After what Johnny did they want to replace him!!!!! Whyyyyy?!!! No one can replace him!!!

  21. 111


    *Captain. ……

  22. 110


    Are you guys idiots captain jack can only be played by depp are u guys trying to go belly up u already ruined star wars forever unless george Lucas can save ur sorry asses zac is to much of a pretty boy to play the captain u guys are going to destroy disney and i will laugh my ass off when u do friggen morons

  23. 109

    Andrea Montalvo

    I’m sooooo sick of Disney having NO NEW ideas only reboots that ruin the original movie for life long fans

    Good bye forever Disney, hey there’s a new movie idea

  24. 108


    I have watched all Pirates movie and own them all and I want a 6th and final film with all characters past and present to close the story. I want to know the evolution of the dream (or not dream) and one last ride for Jack. Then they can reboot if they want.

  25. 107


    Whyyy don’t do that your going to ruin the movie Johnny Depp is better as Jack sparrow if you make Zac Efron it’s going to ruin everything

  26. 106


    No, the character jack sparrow will forever be acted by Johnny Depp and the character will die with Johnny Depp, they will ruin the character letting anyone els take the ranes

  27. 105


    Yall need to just leave the movie alone it is really good at how it is. And its not even time for a reboot.

  28. 104


    Alright here’s my thought. I have been watching the pirates of the Caribbean since they first came out. I have watched it so many times that I know every line to every movie. In my opinion they should have ended the pirate series after the 3rd movie pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end, it was sweet at the end credits that they show Elizabeth Swan, William Turner and their 10 year old son at the very end. Then they being in on stranger tides, it was good but the left a cliff hanger, you would think that after that they would bring blackbeard’s daughter Angelica back in the 5th movie but they changed things up by bringing back Will, Will’s son, and apparently Barbosa’s daughter, ending all curses, along with ending Barbosa. But if you think back to the very end credits where will thinks he has a nightmare of the dead cursed pirate Davey Jones from dead man’s chest and at worlds end but really he didnt dream of Davey Jones coming back, what will happen? As a huge fan of the series, after all the drama and excitement of the 5th movie dead men tell no tales you would think with mention of them making a 6th the would continue from the cliff hanger of stranger tides but turns out they want to change the whole series on you. So the question is when will they continue with the cliff hanger on stranger tides and dead men tell no tales? Who knows. Hopefully they wont leave us hanging but as of right now I am still a little upset they continued the series from the original 3 movies. They ended it perfectly. But with the idea to continue with a whole new character of Captain Jake Sparrow is absurd, I mean dont get me worng Zac Effron is a great actor but no one can replace the beloved character Johnny Depp plays so so amazingly! It wouldnt do the series any good by changing a character we all know and love too much! So please Disney if there is anything you can do to keep the series going, it would be to keep Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and give us the movies that continue off the cliff hangers you left us to wonder about!

  29. 103

    No longer a fan

    Well I’m not watching pirates of the Caribbean anymore. Theres only 1 captain jack sparrow. And that’s Johnny depp..

  30. 102

    Cat High

    Well I think it is too soon to reboot as Johnny Depp was the character.

    Now if they are doing adventures of Sparrow leading up to the movies we all love … I am not opposed to that but whoever they cast for the part is going to have to do a really good job to be accepted.

  31. 101


    Johnny Depp should still play as Jack Sparrow it’s absurd to get rid of him. I most definitely won’t watch the zac Effron as the new jack! Your losing a lot of fan base that has loved Johnny depp as jack sparrow for years!!

  32. 100

    Jack Baravo

    Does not need a reboot yet. But do think it needs one final reprisal with Johnny with one heck of a story line to send Jack Sparrow off with….

    Then look at perhaps finding a new main character to continue further pirates of the Caribbean storyline like maybe the son of Jack or something like that….

  33. 99

    Lil mama

    Hell no there’s only 1 jack sparrow… And that’s Johnny Depp

  34. 98


    I think if they are going to do a reboot, it should be about the early Jack Sparrow. No one could fill Johnny Depps shoes as Captain Jack Sparrow. If they try, it will be a flop. Just do an early version of him before he came to be who he is. But not after

  35. 97


    Omg make something original ffs, leave good movies alone.

  36. 96


    Johnny Depp is the only Jack Sparrow. No other actor can fill those shoes. If you want to give Pirates give Johnny Depp a better script to work with!

  37. 95

    Bailie Jo

    No don’t do that. Zac Effron always plays the “party boy.” I would absolutely hate to see him in pirates of the Caribbean. No one can be Jack Sparrow besides Johnny Depp. I don’t hate Zac Effron, I just definitely do not see him as the famous Jack Sparrow. I will not watch the movie/movies if Zac plays Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow is definitely Johnny Depp’s character and I honestly don’t think anyone else could pull it off. I love Disney but this one is a horrible idea.

  38. 94


    I am all for a reboot of these movies. I understand why they’re looking to other options. Johnny Depp is committed to to other things right now, primarily Fantastic Beasts. He has aged to much and lost that “Jack Sparrow” look that they need. I believe Johnny has just put that in his rear view permanently and Disney knows that, which is why they’re looking elsewhere in hopes to reboot the movie series and hope to continue moving forward. But no offense to Zac Efron, he is a good actor, but he does not have the ability to come close to the Jack Sparrow character. The only actor I could think of that would be a good replacement is Russell Brand. He would be able to naturally fall into the Jack Sparrow character. He has the ruggedness, he has the right build, his accent would be very similar to his, he has the right build and not to mention most importantly the right personality! Just a thought Disney!

  39. 93


    Y’all act like people don’t get old. Can’t keep the same characters forever. Chill…
    Give somebody else a shot…
    I bet Zac Efron could pull it off.
    Give a guy a chance to be great.

  40. 92


    No. No. No.

  41. 91


    I will never watch a reboot unless Johnny Depp is Jack. Without him, your movies would have failed Disney. Let well enough alone. No one can replace Johnny Depp!

  42. 90

    Lori Larko-Wilch

    There is only ONE Captain Jack Sparrow, and that folks is Johnny Depp. You want to cast Zac as a younger version to show what made Jack the man he was that;s cool, but I am fairly certain that it will not be as lucrative. Some days, you just do not mess with a good thing!!!

  43. 89


    That wouldn’t work out , Johnny dep plays the character great , changing him will changing everything , that’s a no

  44. 88


    Don’t even dare to replace Johnny with Zac as Jack Sparrow. This is gonna be such a big mistake. Guys, you try to replace an iconic actor, for an iconic character. No way, this ain’t gonna work. You will just ruin the franchise.

  45. 87


    Oh hell no please! Ugh! It does not need a reboot no one can replace Johnny Depp on that character same as how iron man… no ither actor can pull it off like how Johnny did. Leave the trilogy as is. Ugh!

  46. 86


    😂😂😂 Disney please read EVERY single comment… Only one person on here is willing to give it a go… Everyone else is completely 1billion% AGAINST THIS IDEA

    I mean seriously Disney…
    Whats the problem with doing the correct thing… Of you want to bring efron in fine but bring him in as a son or SOMETHING else but dont make him Sparrow. Whats wrong with you people….

    I feel like you think this is like 007 and can just remake Bond… This will NEVER be that!!!.

    Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow.

    See how that works???

    You want to ruin the movie just like youre ruining Mulan and Star Wars and whatever else you plan to remake in all the wrong ways possible…. 🙄. Unless I read efron is going to play a younger version of Sparrow or playing Sparrows son… Then and only then will I watch it.. Otherwise you can count me and my entire family (mom dad sister nieces nephews children husband and grandparents aunts and uncles) all that and my friends and their families out thats a good 50 people there Disney.

  47. 85


    nah….niech geit…it will be like the remake of Lara Croft by Alicia vikander…it wont be a blockbuster…

  48. 84


    Dont ruin another movie by changing characters.

  49. 83

    Donna Hank-Morgan

    Major mistake Disney. Johnny Depp created Jack Sparrow. If you replace him with ANYONE it will flop. Beside, the movies aren’t old enough to be redone. Perhaps, as someone else said, make Zac be Captain Jack’s illegitimate son. But you’ll need to gave at least ONE movie that both men are in together to make it work. You just can’t fling someone else into that role.

  50. 82


    No !!! I will not watch anymore Disney,p anymore Disney or support them in any way… Johnny Depp is the Only Jack Sparrow Period !!! No Actor can take Johnny’s place… What an insult… He is what made Pirates of the Caribbean…

  51. 81


    Look it’s not fair!!! Johnny is the best person for this Zac is a good actor but this is not his part.

  52. 80


    Zac Efron as captain Jack Sparrow would be a huge mistake on Disney. No disrespect to Zac but he doesn’t have right personality to play that part. Johnny Depp is the only one who should play Jack Sparrow. That’s why the Pirates of the Caribbean so successfull because of Depp, in my opinion. I can’t see myself watching it if Johnny Depp is not playing captain Jack Sparrow.

  53. 79


    Reboot. Huh!!
    Well that’s a movie I wont be seeing..

  54. 78


    I am a big fan of Zac Efron, along with Johnny Depp. The idea of rebooting the movie doesn’t bother me, its replacing Johnny Depp, because i don’t think anyone would be able to replace Johnny Depp, ever.

  55. 77


    I am a big fan of Zac Efron, but I don’t think anyone would be able to ever replace Johnny Depp.

  56. 76

    Peter Koenig

    A few questions: 1) Has Johnny Depp chosen to leave the franchise? This is the only situation I can see being reason enough to consider anyone else for the role since Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow, there is no other.
    2) By “reboot” are the writers at Disney trying to continue the series where it last left off, dive into a prequel series or are they going to go back to where they started and completely screw it up for the next generation?

  57. 75


    I know its just my opinion but honestly I think this is a bad idea Johnny depp is the best actor for the movie & I think he should keep playing as him & they should leave it alone but I dont think it would be that good if Zac plays as him it would never compare to Johnny I think Zac would never be Johnny as far as playing in the movie Johnny will always be Jack & should always play as him & no one else I think it would not go good for the movie if Zac played in it & it wont be that great & it was always meant to be Johnny not Zac or no one else!! Just my opinion being honest!!

  58. 74


    Why does Hollywood think they need to remake some excellent movies?! There is some movie that just can’t be redone and the series of Pirates of the Caribbean’s is one of them!

  59. 73

    Alyssa sipple

    Noooo 😭he is hot and a amazing character and actor ♥️ Johnny Depp Please don’t leave pirates of the Caribbean we all love you

  60. 72



  61. 71


    It actually would be interesting. Seeing a story about YOUNG Jack. And I love Zac Efron, I’ve been an OG fan ever since High School Musical and that one episode of Suite Life. I can’t see him CONTINUING Jack, but I could see him creating his young adult story 🙂 I like it

  62. 70


    I will never watch the movie if its not played with johnny depp cause its not the same and it will ruin the movie for me all these movies getting fucked up because you keep making classics that shouldn’t change they have been watching for generatoons of children and they where loved the way they where I have turned off many of the new versions cause they are nothing like I grew up loving

  63. 69


    Big fun of Johnny Depp. The moment disney replaces him is the moment i will stop watching pirates of the Caribbean.

  64. 68


    Disney Don’t Play up in alyuh Cunt eh💯😐❌Y’all just keep recreating shit for no reason……NO JOHNNY DEPP NO MOVIE IT’S THAT SIMPLE 💯y’all forever keep fucking shit up Just like how y’all about too fuck Mulan up😭

  65. 67

    Elisha Williams

    This is stupid!!! No offense to Zac Efron he’s a cutie and great actor. But Johnny Depp is the one and only Jack Sparrow. I’m fuming pissed about this!! Waste of money! I won’t pay to see no one as Jack but Johnny! We love you Johnny Depp!! We got your back in my household! I’m a huge fan from before Jack Sparrow! And my children adore you as Jack Sparrow the most and your other rolls. So does my sister and my nephews. We are the Johnny Depp family full hardcore fans. And to do this will ruin Pirates of the Carribean completely for us and other true hardcore fans around the world. Bring back Johnny!!

  66. 66


    Disney, you’re going to screw it up like you did Star Wars. Thinking you can swim before you jump in the water is a bad idea. Make sure you get the story straight or you will lose your butt on this one.

  67. 65


    No Johnny Depp no movie

  68. 64

    Nina Grant

    No what you should do is. Have Jack Sparrow have a random kid. And his kid is the actor thomas doherty. And he should taking on his fathers legacy or searching for his father

  69. 63


    Nooo, this would be a BIG mistake! If it’s not broken don’t fix it !!!!!!!!

  70. 62


    Make zac jack sparrows son that he never knew about and wants to take on the family trade. I think that would b a great spin off and that way no one is taking Johnny’s part as captain jack sparrow.

  71. 61


    Noway Johnny Depp is captain Jack noone could replace him I know I wouldn’t watch it and I have watched them all any time u remake something its not as good as the original movie so don’t make other with Johnny Depp

  72. 60


    Whhyyyyyyyyyyy?? Disney, please don’t do this. There are so many kid friendly novels and short stories you can pick up, and give some imagery to. Johnny Depp done did it the best. Stop competing with yourself.

  73. 59

    Denise Kale

    Oh no no no no NO!
    They dare not to even think…..😠 They have BETTER NOT… 😠 NOT EVEN GOING THERE WITH THEM !!!!!!!

    Johnny IS Captain Jack Sparrow not the other way around.
    Just as much as Tony Stark IS Iron Man. There is no to two. U
    Disney has lost their ever mind.
    And Pirates needs no reboot…. it is legend.
    It’s also an insult to Zac Efron, he would make a darn fine pirate on his own, his work in The Greatest Showman proved that. Give him his own pirate to make his own, let him create his own legacy not fail falling short to walk another’s.

  74. 58


    Johnny Depp created the character Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s like his alter ego. They are one and the same. No other actor could EVER do the character of Captain Jack Sparrow justice. Disney, Don’t do it! You said yourself, Johnny Depp made the character his own. Let’s keep it that way….PLEASE!! Let Zac play some other captain that he can make HIS own. I would never watch another Pirates of The Caribbean movie again. Johnny Depp made Disney multi millions of dollars playing Captain Jack Sparrow and this is how you repay him?!? I’M OUT!!!

  75. 57


    I have loved Johnny Depp for the last 30 years and he is the ONLY Jack Sparrow. Zac Efron is an awesome actor and my kids and I have liked him ever since High School Musical but I don’t feel anyone but Johnny Depp should play Jack Sparrow. Maybe if it was a young version before he was Captain and a whole new story line but even then I don’t know if it would work. Pirates of the Carribean should NOT be rebooted or remade. I think it would be cool if Zac Efron could play Captain Jack Jr then Disney could continue the story lines of the kids of Jack, Barbosa and Will/Elizabeth with a new generation but don’t EVER replace Johnny Depp with anyone! He is irreplaceable. He made Jack and he should be the only one who EVER plays him!

  76. 56


    U CANNOT have any one apart from Johnny depp playing captain jack I will refuse to watch it other wise as I grew up with Johnny as that character

  77. 55


    Won’t watch. Zack Effron can stay in high school musical. Johnny Depp is the one and only Jack Sparrow. Im actually upset this is a thing

  78. 54


    I won’t watch it if they take Johnny Depp out of it… they will totally ruin the movie. Totally BAD IDEA!!!!

  79. 53


    Disney PLEASE Stop , ok?
    Just because you ran out of original “stories“ , now you have to Dip into other movies and remake them.. I’m pretty sure you will not get high ratings. It’s getting old, so just STOP!
    Johnny Depp for ever Jack Sparrow!! 💗

  80. 52


    Disney I feel like your time is coming to an end! Stop fucking shit up. Leave jack sparrow ALONE! JOHNNY DEPP IS THE ONLY JACK SPARROW!

  81. 51


    How about no.

  82. 50


    Zack who????? i didnt care for him in anything else and he will NEVER take Johnny Depps spot. forget it disney. all of us grandmas buy most of the toys and take the kids to the movies… Zack will never be Johnny.

  83. 49


    Personally i have grown up watching Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp is he best to play Captain Jack Sparrow if you are planning to have Zac Efron I feel you should make him as jack sparrows son or something

  84. 48


    No. Disney has ruined enough. Please not this too

  85. 47


    no no no Johnny Depp all the way . He is the best Jack Sparrow… I wont be watching if you change it up to someone else…

  86. 46

    I love piratesof the Caribbean

    It won’t be the same with Zac , Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow you just can’t put someone else in his spot. Unless you bring him in as Jack Jr, Sparrows long lost son to take over the business I mean Jack got around with all those maidens at those pubs. Lol.

  87. 45


    If it aint broke them don’t fix it. There is only one Captain Jack Sparrow and that is and will forever be Jonhnny Depp. If they changed the character they will lose viewrs and fans also it will cost the franchise money because less and less people will be interested. Leave it alone.

  88. 44


    It won’t be the same zac can’t pull it off

  89. 43


    It’s not the same without Johnny Depp. I hate when they try to reboot movies like this. It’s going to kill the pirates of the Caribbean and anything that comes next is not going to do as well as the originals.

  90. 42

    Don Smith

    You can never replace Johnny Drop, as well as the rest of the cast that made the franchise famous

  91. 41



  92. 40

    Kelsey Baker

    Johnny Depp Only

  93. 39

    Kelsey Baker

    NO NO No I will not watch it without Hohnny Depp as Capt Jack this would be a HUGE mistake you will kill your box office Sales Dont be stupid.

  94. 38


    No no just NO!!!

  95. 37



  96. 36


    Johnny Depps Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the reasons why I like to watch pirates of the Caribbean. Casting a different person as Captain Jack Sparrow is like casting a stone into a pond there will be ripples, but it just won’t be the same.

  97. 35


    I love Zac, but only Johnny Depp is the Cap’n. Do not fix what is not broken. You will ruin the POTC if you replace Depp. Efron could do some prequels, but all sequels belong to Depp. Thank you!

  98. 34


    Prequel maybe but NO ONE and I meanNO ONE should play CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW except JOHNNY DEPP.

  99. 33


    Absolutely not, Johnny Depp is the only Captain Jack Sparrow.

  100. 32


    What if instead of a reboot they make a continuation to the story? WITH JOHNNY DEPP!

    I’m sick of these trash reboots Disney

  101. 31

    Melissa Lebron

    I’m a huge fan of Johnny Dep as Captain Jack. I agree it will only work if its when he was young remake to use Zack Efron’s but even then. I feel like Johnny Dep should always be the star and is the one and only top favorite of the Disney Movies. I’d be sad to not see him play himself.

  102. 30


    No thanks wouldn’t watch it without johnny depp in it

  103. 29


    I’ve got nothing against Zac Efron. With that said, he is no Johnny Depp.

    You will lose loyal fans if you try and remake the character with another actor, while Depp is still more than capable of portraying the role. It’s a fool’s errand.

    Honestly, if this is indeed a reboot (rather than a prequel or somesuch), you’re killing yourself. The audience doesn’t need a reboot.

  104. 28


    Well, there you go! The nays have it… and I concur with them! Please Disney!! Do NOT replace Johnny Depp in Pirates! I think the reboot would be a HUGE mistake and a HUGE flop! Why not go back to the archives and dig a little deeper?!? Such as the Herby movies? There HAS to be plenty other movies that can be remade as well! 😌💖

  105. 27


    Absolutely not!!!! You will kill the franchis if you add that dweeb for the character. Why cant the movie go on without him for once???

  106. 26

    James Clevenger

    Absolutely NOT!!!

  107. 25


    There is only one jack sparrow ……

  108. 24


    This is ridiculous. Disney is just so unoriginal. Why is it there van be NO new movie ideas? Everything is reboot reboot reboot…. plus, I mean, i love Effron but he will never be able to fill the shoes of Johnny Depp… it’s nothing personal … he just isn’t that guy….

  109. 23


    good luck Disney…Zac no matter how you dress him .dirty him up. put enough pirate garb on him he will NEVER be Jack Sparrow..Pay Johnny what he want and get him to come back !….Zac could be a crew mate. Kill Jack and make him a captain the ONLY way it might work….

  110. 22


    What brainless idiot thought changing actors was a good idea?

  111. 21


    I think the fuck not

  112. 20

    ilene farry

    No Johnny no Jack Sparrow. Our family won’t be seeing it. Without Johnny doing Jack would be boring

  113. 19


    I’m a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean because of Johnny Depp. No one can play Captain Jack Sparrow like Johnny!! Smh

  114. 18


    The only way that will work with Zac if it’s before Jack became a captain as mentioned before, but as a reboot Zac as captain well u can’t replace Johnny Depp in that role and everyone will only try and compare but a behind the story role before captain and/or entry to the carribean than yes Zac would be perfect addition to the PotC saga.. we know Jack made a deal with Davy Jones and became captain of the Pearl but the ? Is why did he need to make that deal what lead Jack to that decision in his life, why is Jacks Dad the keeper of the pirates code without question

  115. 17

    Jennie Smart Cloud

    Well there you have it Disney. No Johnny Depp then no Pirates of the Caribbean. Or good luck with that making $$$

  116. 16


    I sure as hell won’t be watching it without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. NO Disney!!! This would be a big mistake.

  117. 15


    No! Johnny is the only jack!!!

  118. 14

    Toni L.

    No! Hell no! Is Disney nuts!? They must be if they think anyone but Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. If they go ahead with this stupid debacle, I nor any of my friends would watch it. I think I’m going to start boycotting Disney. They screwed up Star Wars, now the’re killing “Pirates.

  119. 13


    Sorry no, Disney is officially off its rocker if it’s like a prequel or something for Jack Sparrow being young than yes, but if they’re doing this doing to replace Johnny Depp with him no that’s not going to work Johnny Depp is the Captain Jack Sparrow and the movie is going to flop plain and simple and Disney is going to lose a lot of money!

  120. 12


    Um.. no! Zac Efron cannot act! Personally no one can fill his shoes. So if you must replace him then please ask Jensen Ackles cause he’s as good as it gets aside from Johnny.

  121. 11


    Zac, sorry is NO Jack Sparrow… Johnny Depp made that character as his own with his personality, an people he amores.
    This isnt a show I will be taking my kids grandkids or nieces to. To explain why they silly man isnt silly anymore.

    Thank alot Disney for ruding another movie for us.

    BOYCOTTING it !!!!!

  122. 10


    This is the wrong choice for this movie. The chemistry of all of the others acrors will be off. NO JOHNNY DEPP no Pirates of the Caribbean… DISNEY has done this other movies without the original person annthst have SUCKED. well, they have billions to loss on a stinker of a movie. SAD ,THAT THEY RUDED THE MOVIE……


  123. 9


    Noone can replace Johnny depp hes is the one and only captin jack sparrow… its like spitting on his name.. to replace him dont do it leave it be why cant it continue with the son of william turner and Elizabeth swan son continue his story for the next treasure he goes for with Barbosa daughter

  124. 8

    Lucas Molina

    The only person that could pull it off as Captain Jack Sparrow would be Robert Downey Jr. But he would refuse it because Johnny Depp is The character completely

  125. 7


    Johnny Drop IS Pirates of the Caribbean. No Johnny Depp you say? Then it’s not Pirates of the Caribbean.

  126. 6


    When are these production studios going to stop remaking movies and come up with new original ideas? Every time I walk into a book store all I can think is, “Wow, look at all these great stories just waiting to be shared with the world.” Johnny Depp can never be replaced in this role. Let it go and find some new material.

  127. 5


    I don’t think this is a good idea. Johnny Depp absolutely nails it as Captain Jack Sparrow! I know it’s old, but I still see Zac Efron singing while playing basketball in High School Musical. It just seems like Depp brings the right kind of energy to Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean.

  128. 4

    Joseph Blundell

    How can you replace Johnny Depp and expect someone else to pull off. I think this is another terrible idea. Sorry to say I am a huge fan but will not watch this one.

  129. 3


    Well, how many times did batman and joker get a reboot? Some we great some ok. If it’s a whole new storyline it might be very good

  130. 2


    No!!! This is an awful idea! Why can’t Disney leave originals alone! I love Disney but this is crap. They just seem like they’re running out of ideas!

  131. 1


    I am a huge fan of POtC and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack. I am also a fan of Zac Enron, BUT not sure this is a good idea. I hope the story is enough and Zac is also enough to pull this off.

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