Disney Research Is Building Baymax From Big Hero 6

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Disney Research has released hardware design labeled “Design and Fabrication of a Soft Robotic Hand and Arm System”. It looks very similar to everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion, Baymax from the hit movie Big Hero 6. Baymax was created by Tadashi Hamada as a robotic nurse to help improve healthcare. Designed to be soft, he can assist his patients without harming them. Baymax is activated when he senses someone is in need of assistance.

“We present the hardware design and fabrication of a soft arm and hand for physical human-robot interaction,” according to the design and fabrication report. “Our goal is the realization of a robot arm and hand system which can physically interact with humans and gently manipulate objects.”

This Baymax inspired hand and arm is shown to gently ‘grasp’ a bag of marshmallows, showing the softness of the grip.

After the testing phase on the Baymax robotics, “the hand design was validated by implementing a grasping algorithm in which each finger follows a given trajectory until a certain fingertip pressure threshold is met.”

Researchers are hoping to better the design in the future but Baymax could be a reality soon!


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