Disney Quick Tips – Photograph The Back Of Your Park Ticket

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Park Ticket

Imagine going to your favorite Disney park. You head straight to your favorite attraction for a Fastpass. Then, finally, it’s time to use your Fastpass! Sounds great, right? Next you go to another attraction to get another Fastpass, only to find you can’t find your park ticket anywhere! You must have accidentally left it in the first Fastpass machine. After going back to check for it with no luck, you realize you need a replacement ticket. How are you going to convince the Cast Members at Guest Services to issue a replacement ticket? Thanks to your camera and Chip’s Disney Quick Tips, this won’t be a problem at all!

Once you get your Disney park tickets, be sure to photograph the back of your ticket. Make sure you get the barcode in the picture. If you lose your ticket, leave it an a Fastpass machine, or leave it in your room, just go to Guest Services. Show them the picture of the barcode on your park ticket. They will be able to easily issue a replacement ticket and you will soon be back to enjoying your magical vacation!

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  1. No problem! We may have a plug in on the site that doesn’t allow comments with links- I’m not sure. But I’m definitely not offended at all. Do you have a few favorite Disney tips? I’d love to hear them!

  2. Hi Kimberly – I don’t see my comment posted. I should have realized that it’s probably not ok to include a link in a comment. So sorry, I didn’t mean to be spammy. I hope I didn’t offend you. I wasn’t going for traffic, I just thought others reading your tip might be interested in the ones I listed as well. Please forgive me for being insensitive. (This is not for posting, I just didn’t know how to reach you.) ~ Barrie

  3. I use my phone for a lot of things. I chaperone my kids field trips there. Not only do I photograph the tickets, I also photograph the kids as a group and individual. It would be very hard to describe a chid that isn’t your own. I also pic the emergency info for each child. This way I have it even if I loose my backpack. (and yes, I tell the parents I do it and I delete them as the kid is picked up by their parent) This way I have all of their emergency info if one of them gets hurt and we have to go to redi-care or something. When we go as family we take pics of where we park. We take pictures of meeting points. It’s so easy to forget exactly where to meet. We could each be on a different side of a landmark and not meet up, but with a pic it is remembered later in the day.

  4. Thankfully my mom takes pictures of all our tickets, bc my hubby lost her ticket last year when we sent him for fast passes! Guest services easily cancelled the old ticket when they saw the picture, and provided her with a new one. No problems whatsoever.

    We also take a picture of where we park (the character and row number) so we can remember when we are exhausted.

  5. Great idea!! Last year at disneyland in ca the first day of our 3 day trip my husband lost his ticket, but it was because my 1 year old pulled it out of his pocket (chest pocket) while he was holding him waiting in line. Luckily we noticed it not too long after when we were trying to get fast passes and I had to run to the last few rides searching and it was turned in by a wonderful person and the “lead” person for the rides had it! Luckily my husband had his name on it so I could identify it. Definitely will take pictures next trip!

  6. We have taken pictures of the children with us each day with the outfit they have on so if worse came to worse and they got lost or god forbid worse we always had a very up to day pic.

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