Disney Plus Has Officially Starting to Add Fox’s Marvel to Roster

When Disney’s newest streaming service, Disney Plus, arrived in November of 2019, it had over 10 million initial subscribers. Since, the streaming service continues to gain more subscribers due to the addition and promise of more content. Fans will be excited to know that the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe will be expanded on Disney Plus thanks to Fox.

The Marvel Studios had a pretty big year in 2018, with the celebration of their 10 year anniversary. In 2019, they had an even bigger year with the epic release of Avengers: Endgame. Another big event was Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox and the Marvel films that came with the studio.

Disney Plus Has Officially Starting to Add Fox’s Marvel to Roster

However, with the release of Disney Plus, Marvel fans noticed that the Fox films were not there. Now, for Disney Plus subscribers in Canada, they can start streaming all of (except for Dark Phoenix) Fox’s X-Men feature films! Although, this is only for Disney+ Canada, the service is highly likely to start bringing over these beloved features to the United States.

Currently, US Disney+ now has its first 20th Century Fox and Marvel film, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Seeing as adding a sequel to the service before its predecessor can be a bit odd, we figured there is probably more to the story here. Turns out, it is probably just a result of streaming rights. This means that fans won’t have to wait to long to binge the whole Marvel catalog. For newer fans of the franchise, it will be interesting to see our Captain America, played by Chris Evans, as the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch!

Which Marvel films are you most excited to see in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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