Disney Pixar’s Onward: Feature Film Review

The newest Disney Pixar original film “Onward” is a family must-see! It’s the first original story we’ve seen from Disney Pixar in a long while.

Onward is set in a suburban fantasy world and follows two teenage elf brothers as they embark on a quest to discover if there is still magic out there and get a little bit of time with their father.

Onward is a classic Disney Pixar animated film with surprises and delights along the way: some surreally comical (I laughed out loud multiple times) and some modestly spectacular. But this is more than a straightforward boys’ adventure.

The story strays into matters of male relationships along the way-both paternal and fraternal. The main characters deepen and reveal strengths as well as vulnerabilities in a way we don’t often see with male-led films. There is an unexpected, yet quite moving, twist amid the climactic action. Be sure to bring tissues!

Overall, Onward is a heartwarming, engaging, and sincere story. If you like quests that are full of excitement and soul, you’ll definitely want to take your family to see Onward.

Onward comes to theaters March 6, 2020.

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