Disney Photo Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss

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Photos at Disney are a MUST!  I mean, you’ve spent months planning this trip, packed everything carefully, and you don’t want to miss a minute of the magic.  Plus, there’s going to be an awesome scrapbook full of memories to put together when you get home, right?  Yes, if you take some of the great photo opportunities that Disney has to offer.  Aside from the obvious {we take a photo in front of every park icon}, there are some spots on Disney property that will give you unique photos to enjoy after your trip is over.

1.  Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom.  The closer you get to the castle, the cooler the picture.  One of my favorites is our family in front of the castle, with the statue of Walt and Mickey just in the distance.

2.  Inside Cinderella’s Castle.  There are beautiful mosaics, telling the story of Cinderella, in the castle.  These make for great backdrops for photos.  Or, photograph some without any people in the picture and use them for desktop wallpaper, scrapbook layouts, or to hang in your home.

3.  Spaceship Earth at EPCOT is the icon that makes for great photos.  Each year, as soon as we pass through the turnstiles, we take a picture of our twins in front of Spaceship Earth.  They are holding their hands in the air, and it looks as if they are holding up Spaceship Earth.  Looking back on four years worth of pictures, it’s so fun to see them in the same pose at the same spot year after year.

4.  Disney at night.  Spaceship Earth, Cinderella’s Castle, and the Sorcerer’s Hat at Hollywood Studios are gorgeous at night.

5.  Riding the tea cups.  The looks on children’s faces while riding the tea cups are priceless!  They often throw their heads back with laughter and it’s such a classic moment!

6.  Around the world with pictures.  Visiting EPCOT’s World Showcase provides a lot of great photo opportunities.  Wearing a Viking hat in Norway, a sombrero in Mexico, and the fountain in Mexico are some of our favorite spots.

7.  Tower of Terror.  Make a scary face, or scream during the picture to capture your feelings about the Tower of Terror.

8.  On the Liberty Boat in Liberty Square.  This attraction provides great views of  Haunted Mansion, and it makes for unique backgrounds for pictures.  Our kids love posing on the boat, and I can get some great shots of the Magic Kingdom as the boat moves around.

9.  Cinderella’s Castle from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  As you make your way to the top of the treehouse, you can catch a glimpse of the castle through the trees.  Any time of day, but especially at night, you’ll get a great shot of the castle from a high vantage point.

10.  Unique icons at Downtown Disney or your resort.  There are so many fun statues and LEGO creations at Downtown Disney to grab a fun picture.  Or, maybe your resort has a fun prop {like the totem pole at Wilderness Lodge or the carriage at the Grand Floridian} to pose with.  Topiaries, statues, and store fronts make super fun photos.

Where do you take pictures at Disney?  Do you try to get the same shots year after year?

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