Disney Parks: Pirates of The Caribbean Skeleton Funko Coming soon

Disney Parks Funko

There’s an epic Disney Funko Pop figure coming out soon! It features a pirate skeleton sitting on top of his gold treasure. This special Pirates of the Caribbean Pop is phenomenal for Disney Parks fans. The Skeleton on Gold Pile is a Deluxe figure that also glows in the dark! You can take a closer look at this figure in Funko’s announcement below.

Disney Parks Funko

There’s no details yet on when this Pop will release or what the retail price will be. But we will post an update as soon as more information becomes available! If we were to guess, it’s looking like we might see it come to Disney Parks in early March since it’s mentioned for Funko’s Virtual Emerald City Con.

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But wait, there’s more! Funko is also releasing several other Disney Pop figures next month.

Disney Parks Funko

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Funko is recognizing this milestone in Disney Animation by releasing a new variant of Belle.

Disney Parks Funko

Remember the 90’s Disney Afternoon cartoon shows? Well, you might be happy to see the Green Ogre from Disney’s Gummi Bears is coming soon, too!

Disney Parks Funko

Another major milestone is Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, which celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year. There are several Alice in Wonderland Pop figures coming this year, but now we’re thrilled to share the addition of the Caterpillar to this toy line.

Plus, let’s not forget to mention this Darkwing Duck game!

Disney Parks Funko

Will you be adding any of these upcoming releases to your Disney Funko collection? These items will be releasing in March at select retailers, so stay tuned for details!

Photo Credit: Funko

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