Disney Moving Forward with National Treasure 3!

After nearly a decade from National Treasure 2, news has broken that Disney is finally moving forward with National Treasure 3! Fans of the series have adored following Benjamin Franklin Gates as he solves puzzle after puzzle. However, National Treasure 3 although mentioned, was never spoken about again-until now! According to The Hollywood Reporter, it appears as though Jerry Bruckheimer is producing once again alongside the Bad Boys for Life screenwriter Chris Bremner penning the long awaited script!

Furthermore, The Hollywood Reporter also mentioned that Sony is developing Bad Boys 4 and that Bremner will also be penning the script for the new film too! It then mentioned in the report that Bremner was also writing National Treasure 3 for Bruckheimer who just produced Bad Boys for Life! Whilst the article mainly focused on the Bad Boys series, there was little mentioned National Treasure, apart from the involvement from Bruckheimer and Bremner. However, this is the newest and most concrete evidence that confirms the movie’s existence!

The love for National Treasure runs deep as the producers are constantly asked if and when another instalment will arrive for the beloved series. According to ComicBook.com, an interview was held back in 2018 saying that director Jon Turteltaub, producer Bruckheimer and main star, Nicholas Cage were on board to make another instalment, but Disney was not prepared to spend the money. Jon said to ComicBook.com, “its a no… I would love there to be”, this was also echoed by Bruckheimer but that they would need to “come up with $80 million” to make it. However, since the arrival and success of Disney +, it is possible that National Treasure 3 might find its way onto the streaming service and answer all our prayers!


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Tessa H