Disney Lunar Coin Collection Celebrates The 2020 Lunar New Year

The Year of the Mouse (or rat) is the first in the 12 year cycle of the Lunar Zodiac! Which means that Mickey Mouse is the perfect choice for a New Zealand Mint Disney Lunar Coin! New Zealand Mint will be introducing 3,000 of these stunning new coins. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the Lunar New Year with Mickey?

The design includes an engraved image of a smiling Mickey Mouse in a jaunty pose, with the Chinese character for mouse highlighted in red. Mickey is surrounded by stylised cherry blossoms too!

The coin arrives in a gorgeous decorative red box that complements the overall design. Inside the decorative box is a sturdy, high-quality wooden coin case. The wooden coin case also acts as a marvelous display for the gorgeous silver Mickey coin.

These coins will also be very limited edition, with only 3,000 coins being made available worldwide. The coins retail for $85.00, and weighs one Troy ounce. Each coin also comes with a certificate of standard.

According to the Lunar Zodiac, people born under this sign have spirit, wit, alertness and vitality.

Their instinctive, and ambitious nature make them brilliant business people. They are also quick to react in the best possible way. They are usually also sophisticated and popular in social interaction. Just like Mickey, they tend to also be outgoing and cheerful.

Would you commemorate the year of the mouse with a Disney Lunar Coin from the New Zealand Mint?

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