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  2. 702

    Samantha Manucci

    Love Donald Duck!

  3. 701


    I love Chip and Co!!

  4. 700


    I love Donald Duck!!❤️

  5. 699

    Jessica Wade

    I love the bag! It’s so cute

  6. 698


    The Donald bag is awesome!

  7. 697


    The Ariel and Marie bags are gorgeous😍😍

  8. 696

    Kori Ortega

    Super cute ! Thanks for sharing .

  9. 695

    Darline Dondl

    So cute, fun contest!

  10. 694

    Wayne Davis

    I wanted to purchase my wife a Dooney bag but it was out of my budget. Loungefly bags are really great quality and have very cool colors and designs for a much better price.

  11. 693

    Kathy Davis

    I love the Loungefly Disney bags. They are super cute and affordable.

  12. 692

    Troy C

    My wife loves Donald Duck!

  13. 691

    Loti C

    Absolutely love!

  14. 690

    Joshua C.

    My mom would absolutely go crazy over this Donald backpack!

  15. 689



  16. 688

    Christine K

    Loungefly did it again. So cute!

  17. 687

    Aranza Martinez

    Fui a bag is so perfect, like the others!! I really want it!!

  18. 686

    Michael Stankovich

    My wife would love that Donald bag

  19. 685

    Elizabeth stuart

    Such cute bags!!!!

  20. 684


    Cute bags

  21. 683


    I love the Donald bag!! So cute 😍😍

  22. 682


    Love the Donald bag! So stinking cute!

  23. 681



  24. 680



  25. 679

    Heidi Daily

    I just got my first loungefly bag last week, the beautiful purple bag 😍. And this Donald bag is so cute!

  26. 678

    Melissa Zirkle

    This bag is so cute. It would be amazing is I got to win one 🍀🍀🍀😉🤞💙💚💜🖤

  27. 677


    The bag is super cute! Amazing giveaway! Good luck to everyone

  28. 676


    I love all the bags I want them all 😍😍😍

  29. 675


    Love all these bags!

  30. 674


    OMG!!! I would LOVE to win one!!!

  31. 673

    Karen Wiltshire

    Wow, hard to find where to comment!! How fun is this giveaway! Mickey is the best! Thanks!🎀

  32. 672


    Love these bags!!! I would love to own one!!!!!!!

  33. 671

    Cory McDonough

    This would be a great addition to my mommy diaper bag routine. Purse just doesn’t cut it anymore as a new mommy. My lil guy’s pooh diaper bag with this Donald mini backpack for me would be the perfect set up.

  34. 670

    Tiffany Maraugha

    Love these bags!!

  35. 669


    Soooo cute

  36. 668


    Love these bags!

  37. 667


    love love love loungefly mini backpacks for the parks, perfect size and stylish

  38. 666


    That is the cutest Donald bag! I would love to win

  39. 665


    Love this bag!

  40. 664


    Kool bag, be a nice gift!!!

  41. 663

    Bethany Redmond

    This is a great opportunity! I need a new bag anyway.. would be great to win!! 😁😍😍

  42. 662

    Pamela Palancia

    Love love love loungefly . There designs are the prettiest. I would love to win one.

  43. 661

    Jacqueline Hornickell

    That bag is really adorable!

  44. 660

    Amber West

    Loungefly has an amazing line of products!!! They always make me smile!

  45. 659


    I am so obsessed with loungefly, I would love to win one! Especially as an early birthday gift 🤞🏻 The designs are always so beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity!

  46. 658

    Jamie McKinley

    So cute

  47. 657


    I would love to be the winner!! ❤️❤️

  48. 656


    I’d LOVE a Loungefly backpack for our upcoming Disney trip! Also following on IG & Twitter. 😍

  49. 655


    Would love this for my sister! So cute!

  50. 654

    Monique Clark

    I’d love to win a bag that I don’t see in the parks! I love all my Disney bags!

  51. 653


    I love Loungefly and Disney!

  52. 652


    Such cute bags!!!!!!

  53. 651


    I would love one of these!

  54. 650


    My girlfriend would love one of these!

  55. 649


    I need it. Donald is hardly ever represented in Merch and he’s my favorite😍💙

  56. 648


    Love these so much!

  57. 647


    How cute are these?

  58. 646

    Jamie M

    I have always wanted one of these Loungefly backpacks! I would love it for our next trip!

  59. 645

    Liz Collins

    These are so great, I do love Donald Duck

  60. 644


    What a super fun giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  61. 643


    That Donald bag is adorable!!! I need it for my next trip!

  62. 642


    Super cute!

  63. 641

    Tanya B

    Oh my goodness this is so cute! ❤️

  64. 640

    Brianna Melton Amerson

    I absolutely love this Loungefly bag! I love donald and I love the detail! Congratulations to whoever wins this bag! It’s beautiful!

  65. 639

    Kim Walkover

    Love! Absolutely adorable!

  66. 638


    I love the variety of bags they have. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. 637


    They all look awesome

  68. 636

    Christine Atkinson

    Thanks for the opportunity. I love loungefly bags.

  69. 635

    Megan MacDonald

    OMG I love loungefly!!!

  70. 634


    I love the variety of bags.

  71. 633


    This backpack would be perfect for our Disney trip in March!!!

  72. 632

    Michelle Igou Klingen

    These are really cute

  73. 631

    Derek Clatterbuck

    This would be a great surprise for my beautiful girlfriend!!

  74. 630

    Tiffany Hauler

    These bags are to die for!!! 😍

  75. 629

    Jeannette Mantilla

    I ❤❤❤ Loungefly bags!!! Would love to add another to my collection!

  76. 628

    TeriSue Fuson

    These bags are adorable!

  77. 627

    Jeremy Morgan

    Got several Loungefly bags, and love every single one!

  78. 626

    Erin Doherty

    Love so many of these thanks for the opportunity

  79. 625

    Tara Negron

    My daughter has been begging me for one of these bags!!!! 💕💕💕💕

  80. 624

    ERYNN Hamilton

    This absolutely adorable!!

  81. 623

    Sarah Q

    I’ve been eyeing these for over a year, just haven’t brought myself to make the investment yet. I need to replace my park bag 🙂

  82. 622


    Fabulous fun all around!!

  83. 621


    I’ve always wanted one. These are so great, especially with those small little details!

  84. 620

    Jennifer Newby

    Love this

  85. 619


    I love these bags!!! I’d get so much use out of it!

  86. 618

    Dawn E

    Super cute bag! Great giveaway. 😊

  87. 617

    Jeff-Jackie Rhoades

    That’s a super fun bag!

  88. 616

    Eileen Whitmore

    So cute! And blue, my favorite color!

  89. 615


    I am a lover of all things Disney! This bag is super adorable ❤️

  90. 614

    Niki Z

    Okay, this is too adorable!

  91. 613

    Victoria Anne Valenti-Triggs

    I wohld love to win! These bags are adorable!

  92. 612

    Whitney Beaney

    What a great opportunity to introduce someone to Loungefly goods! The Donald Duck backpack is super cute, I’m going to take a peek at everything else now!

  93. 611

    heather ford

    loungefly bags are so adorable!

  94. 610


    I love Donald Duck! This bag is so cute and perfect. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  95. 609

    Stephanie Crane

    These are adorable!!!

  96. 608

    Kylie Toop

    This would be so awesome to win!

  97. 607

    Whitnie Keller

    I looooove Loungefly bags! Choosing is the hard part since there are a lot of cute ones! 😉

  98. 606

    Katie Johnson

    I’m going to Disney in September for my honeymoon & I’ve been looking at all of the Loungefly bags for my trip 😍😍

  99. 605


    Really want to win this for my mom she LOVES Donald ❤️

  100. 604


    Love them all! How do you choose?! Thanks for the chance to win one! 🙂

  101. 603

    Nancy hickman

    Love the bags!!! Woukd live to have for my granddaughter, but may have to keep for myself!

  102. 602


    So darling, I would gift to my daughter to wear in in Disneyland on her sweet sixteen.
    Instagram asillymommy
    Twitter Sillymommy

  103. 601

    Jamie F

    WE love Donld duck! What a great promotion! I have loved the Loungefly designs buying wanted more information. Thanks for the heads up and chance to win ❤️

  104. 600

    Jessica Gottshall

    Super cute! 😍

  105. 599

    Caitlin D

    These bags are so cute!!

  106. 598

    Julianne Hunt

    Ahh I love these bags so much, I’d die to have one for my next Disney trip when I bring my nephew for the first time!

  107. 597

    Rachel Sharkey

    Love these bags ❤️

  108. 596


    These bags are the cutest!!!

  109. 595

    Stephanie Franklin

    Would love to have the Donald bag!! So stinkin’ cute!!! 😊❤️ 🦆

  110. 594

    Tish Carroll Sullivan

    These bags are a must have for any Disney fan! Here’s hoping for some luck and a little Pixie Dust! Thanks for the chance.

  111. 593

    Joanne Noto

    Love this bag! So fun

  112. 592

    Dixie Deaver

    My daughter has Pekin Ducks and would absolutely LOVE this!!!! She loves anything Daisy and Donald. It would be perfect for our trip to Disney World in February! 😍😍

  113. 591

    Jen E

    Those are so incredible! Marie is my favorite!

  114. 590


    😍 love to have one so adorable perfect for my next trip to Disneyland i

  115. 589

    Jen Kelly

    Thank you for the opportunity

  116. 588

    Natasha Jones

    I would love to win! They are all so cute!

  117. 587


    Donald is my absolute favorite, and this bag would be the coolest thing to add to my collection of Donald everything!

  118. 586


    Love this bag! And really love that it’s vegan leather too!!!

  119. 585

    William Creamer

    My wife would love that.

  120. 584

    Allanis McGee

    Amazing bag, looks high quality

  121. 583


    Do you ever think of how great it would be to be a Whale? Just absolutely free in the great vast ocean. Cause everyone knows its “better down where its wetter. ” Take it from me.

  122. 582


    Love the bags

  123. 581


    I’ve been dying for the Pinocchio backpack! So, so awesome.

  124. 580


    Love these designs!

  125. 579

    Ali Giberson

    That Donald bag is adorable!

  126. 578

    Casey Bricker

    Lounge fly has the CUTEST designs!

  127. 577


    I would love to win one of these. They’re adorable!!

  128. 576


    Love all the bags!!

  129. 575


    Love the Minnie n Donald backpacks!

  130. 574

    Angela Highley

    Amazing Disney bags

  131. 573


    The details on the book bag are so cute !!!

  132. 572

    Jennifer McCray

    This bag is super cute!!! I would use this for our trip in March for sure!

  133. 571

    Heather T

    So cute!

  134. 570

    Shauneci Switzer Lester

    I love Disney so much. I would be honored to win any of these beautiful bags.

  135. 569

    Sandra Viaros

    So cute!

  136. 568

    Jenni willis

    So cute!! Donald is my favorite😍

  137. 567

    Karen Ferretti

    The tail detail is adorable!!!

  138. 566

    Kaitlyn Y

    Love it!!

  139. 565


    Need!!! 😍😍😍

  140. 564

    Anna redell

    Such a super cute bag! I bought my mom a Mickey loungefly backpack for Christmas and i wish i would have purchased one for myself too.

  141. 563


    I love the Donald bag, it’s super cute!!

  142. 562


    So cute!❤️

  143. 561


    Super cute! Love this bag! ❤️

  144. 560


    DISNEY IS LIFE!!!❤️❤️

  145. 559


    Loungefly bags are my favorite! They are so unique, affordable, and the selection is amazing!

  146. 558


    Would love love love a new lounge fly Disney bag

  147. 557


    Love love love these bags!!

  148. 556

    Taylor G

    Would love to win one of these bags!!! 💕💕

  149. 555

    Andrea 💝

    Would love to have one of these bags!!

  150. 554

    Megan Pestell

    Love these bag!! Donald is my favourite charcater and I’m so happy to see him in bag form!! ❤️😘

  151. 553

    Shabnam Peterson

    Soooo cute!!! I would love to win this super cute bag! Thanks for the chance.

  152. 552


    LOVE loungefly backpacks!!! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  153. 551


    Love Disney Loungefly bags. Still don’t own one but would love to win one of my own.

  154. 550

    Alison Martin

    Adorable! I’d love to win !

  155. 549

    Samantha O

    Oh this would be so so awesome if I win. We’re going to Disney world this year and I can’t wait!

  156. 548


    So awesome!!! What a great giveaway!!

  157. 547


    This is an amazing giveaway!

  158. 546


    Love, love the Donald backpack! Loungefly makes amazing Disney items! I’m happy to know of a new place to purchase them from.

  159. 545


    What an amazing giveaway!

  160. 544

    Amanda S.

    This would be awesome!

  161. 543

    Jessica L.

    These are amazing! I would love to win one to bring on my upcoming trip to WDW!

  162. 542


    Oh my gosh! Please please please!!! I need some more Disney in my life since my college program ended!! ✨

  163. 541

    Jeanny H

    I love loungefly bags! They’re so cute and made with great quality. I’m always excited to see the new designs they come up with. Can’t wait to see more! And fingers definitely crossed!

  164. 540

    DeAnn Samuel

    So cute ❤️

  165. 539


    I love loungefly bags! They make such cute bags with great quality! It’s totally worth every penny! It’s always exciting to see all the new designs they come up with.

  166. 538


    I LOVE the Mike backpack! They are all so cute! 💛

  167. 537


    That Donald bag is beyond adorable!😍😍

  168. 536

    Christina G

    Loungefly are the cutest mini backpacks!

  169. 535


    Yes please!!! Would love to win one!!!

  170. 534


    Ah! I want to win!

  171. 533

    Brittany Johnson

    This is so adorable I love it!

  172. 532

    Darby Nicolaisen

    Donald is my absolute favorite character!

  173. 531

    Breanna driadon

    So cute 😍😍

  174. 530


    Love Donald and love the bag!

  175. 529

    Ruth van der Biezen

    These are so cute! 😍

  176. 528

    Matt Benton

    These bags are always so cute!

  177. 527

    Casey Schleper

    Love the Donald bag 💙

  178. 526


    My wife would love these, lthey look awesome

  179. 525

    Storie Alfonso

    Oh my goodness! Loungefly never disappoints! So stinkin cute!

  180. 524


    Love Love Love!!

  181. 523


    My wife would love one of these bags!

  182. 522


    Omg love love love it

  183. 521

    Darleen ferris

    Omg i ❤ this bad !

  184. 520


    Love my Donald and this is too cute!! Fingers crossed!

  185. 519


    love these accessories and chip&co!

  186. 518

    Scarlett Gregory

    Glad Donald is finally getting some love!

  187. 517


    This bag is super adorable! Would absolutely love to win! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  188. 516

    Katie S

    😍 so cute.

  189. 515


    Love lounge fly

  190. 514

    Carrie Sharpe Fountain

    Yes please! Love this bag!

  191. 513

    Cristine Beach

    Love Loungefly!

  192. 512

    Vanessa Bagwell

    Sooo CUTE!

  193. 511

    Amanda Brewer

    I would love to win one of tbeee adorable bags!

  194. 510

    Melissa Patterson

    Fun.com has a great selection! Love that you are doing this and would be honored to win. The Loungefly brand has really taken off and they have some amazing products. Thanks Chip and Co for this!

  195. 509


    Absolutely a Beautiful Backpack!
    Donald Duck is a Family Favorite!
    What a Great Giveaway!

  196. 508


    I have always wanted one of these bags, but haven’t been able to get one up to this point. I would love to win a mini backpack!

  197. 507


    Would be a wonderful gift for my friend who LOVES Donald!

  198. 506


    Love it 😍

  199. 505

    Jessica Sanchez

    I need this bag!

  200. 504

    Louisa Brown

    Love the lounge fly bags so much!! Thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway!

  201. 503


    I need one of these!!!

  202. 502

    Karen Griffith Blanchette

    Wow that Donald bag is awesome!! Thank you for this giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  203. 501


    I love loungefly!! I’d be ecstatic to get one!!

  204. 500

    Ashley R

    Fingers crossed!

  205. 499

    Courtney Barr

    These are adorable!!

  206. 498

    Jen Carviou

    Love this! My son loves Donald and would get so much joy out of this if we carried it around with us.

  207. 497

    Patty Poysell

    Awesome! Love the bag! Thanks for the chance!

  208. 496

    Rebecca Beckee

    Love love love these!

  209. 495

    Deborah nazworth

    I love their bags and wallets! I am trying to decide which one I want… this one sure is cute.

  210. 494

    Catalina Gude

    How adorbs 😱😍

  211. 493


    Oh my goodness! Simply adorable!

  212. 492

    Courtney Powell

    This is so cute! It would make a great quick diaper bag for my new baby!

  213. 491

    Katie R.

    These bags are the cutest!!!

  214. 490

    Helen Catalano-Johnson

    This would be wonder For my daughter she loves Disney anything! She will be starting school this year so this would be perfect!

  215. 489


    Donald Duck love the look! It would go perfect with my Loungefly Mickey Mouse backpack!

  216. 488

    Shirley DeRemer Brunarski

    I have been looking for a Disney backpack! These are adorable!

  217. 487

    Kimm Johnson

    Ah here it is! It took me forever to find the leave a comment haha. Good luck everyone (myself included)

  218. 486

    Joy Aspiras Esqueda

    OMG! I need this for our upcoming trip!! 😍

  219. 485


    All are so cute!

  220. 484


    I love the detail his tail on the back so stinking cute!

  221. 483


    Wow! All of those bags are gorgeous! Particularly the Donald bag, and the Monsters Inc, Stitch and Belle bags! 😍

  222. 482

    Amanda L

    Gorgeous bag!

  223. 481


    Love love love 💙💛 thanks for the chance!!!

  224. 480

    Natalie Davies

    Would really love to win one for my daughter for our next trip to Disneyland Paris!!

  225. 479


    Would love to win a Disney bag. I love Disney and it would come in handy for our first Disney World trip in April. Fingers crossed!

  226. 478

    Kristi Bryner

    I love the Donald bag!!

  227. 477

    Stephanie White Blackburn

    Love, love, love!!!

  228. 476

    Lori F.

    Love these bags, been dying for one for months!

  229. 475


    Thanks for showing us this bag. Love loungfly!! So cute! The added tail on the back 😍.

  230. 474


    OMG cutest bag ever!

  231. 473

    Jessica Tortora

    Omg the Donald bag is perfect!

  232. 472

    Rebecca G

    Love the Donald bag!!

  233. 471

    Jessica Fantasia

    That is so super awesome!! I would love to win!

  234. 470

    Angelet Viveiros

    Omg. That is just perfect. 😍

  235. 469

    Candice Garafalo

    These bags are so great!!! I love love love the Minnie Mouse one!! Perfect for my next trip to Disney! ❤️

  236. 468

    Stacey Williams

    Love these backpacks

  237. 467


    Love the Donald duck backpack!
    I want to wear that on my next trip to disney world!! And the tail on the backpack is so cute!

  238. 466

    Jo Draper

    These are awesome. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  239. 465

    Michele Long

    Love their bags and you guys for always keeping us updated with the latest Disney news. Thank you!😄

  240. 464


    I love the Donald Duck bag. Donald is my favorite character, as I was born on his Birthday.

  241. 463

    Melissa Baez

    Love these bags!!! I would def choose one for my daughter.

  242. 462

    Michelle Cam

    Love these bags!! So cute!

  243. 461


    I’ve always wanted a loungefly bag and this would be a perfect starter!

  244. 460


    This Donald bag is all sorts of cute! I am going to Disneyland Paris and this would look fantastic with the outfit I am planning.

  245. 459

    Abigail Schuette

    This bag is everything so adoreable! Id be so honored to win! Thank you! Love the blog!

  246. 458

    Emma-Louise Kennedy

    I love donald so much hes my faveourite of Walts origional creations, this bag would make an amazing addition to my Disney hoard of magical items

  247. 457

    Tammy H

    Love loungefly bags. I have one and get many complements on it!

  248. 456

    Samantha Eliz

    OMG this is beautiful 😍 . Already liked this post of FB and followed your insta and Twitter!

  249. 455


    Love these bags!!

  250. 454


    Loving the Donald bag, it’s so cute

  251. 453

    Amy Drazen

    These bags are gorgeous. I would love to share them with my 2 daughters, who also love DIsney. I followed you, Fun.com, and Loungelfy on Facebook (amy s drew), Instagram (aed_mama) and Twitter (@amyd0313).

  252. 452


    Thank you Chip and Co. and Fun.com for the chance to win a beautiful Loungefly designed backpack ❤️

  253. 451

    Heidi Taylor

    These are just too adorbs, I’d love to win the Pinocchio one to give to my mum who’s the biggest Pinocchio fan!!!

  254. 450

    Lori Garvey

    Love this !!

  255. 449


    I would love to win one of these awesome bags!!!

  256. 448

    DawnMarie Bergeron

    Love ChipandCo, Fun.com, and Loungefly!!! Perfect mix of Disney Magic!!!

  257. 447

    Jackie Steely

    Oh my goodness! These are amazing!!! 💕💕💕

  258. 446


    Another great give away! Thank you for making want everything you post

  259. 445

    Samantha Cullor

    I Love my Loungefly Alice in Wonderland Butter & Bread fly purse! I would absolutely give the Donald bag to my Bestie since that is her Favorite character! ♡

  260. 444

    Amanda Coley

    Love my Loungefly bags! Need to add that Donald and the Pinocchio one! 😍😍😍

  261. 443

    Henno Stefanie

    I loooove loungefly to bad I can’t find much near me! We love everything Donald and beauty and the beast

  262. 442


    The Donald backpack is so adorable!I’d love to wear it and show it off around the parks😍

  263. 441

    Krystal Timozek

    Ahh! My daughter would love this!!! Donald is her favorite! 😍😍

  264. 440


    So cute!!! Would love to win one of these 😍

  265. 439

    Brandi Grover

    so want this!

  266. 438

    Julie Schwarz

    I must have been hiding under a rock. I’ve never seen these before and they’re super cute!

  267. 437


    Loooove love love you guys and all your posts!! They make me so happy and so would one of these Loungefly Donald Duck backpacks! We are huge Donald fans over here! My baby boy now knows his Mickey and Friends characters and quacks like Donald does. It’s the cutest thing!!

  268. 436


    Loungefly bags are the best!!! My absolute favorite!!

  269. 435

    Gabby Hoover

    Love it so much!

  270. 434


    Ive always wanted a Disney Loungefly but have never been able to afford one. So so cute!!

  271. 433

    Andrea Conroy

    Love all the loungefly! Thanks for giving villain supports some love!!

  272. 432

    Karen St. Romain

    I love the Donald Loungefly backpack! It’s too cute. I have the Haunted Mansion backpack and it’s great.

  273. 431

    Dana Balint

    I LOVE all the Disney Loungefly bags!!!!

  274. 430

    Samantha Casares

    Love Lpungefly bags! They’re always perfectly designed & this Donald Duck one is just as perfect!! 😍😍

  275. 429


    Love all the bags! ❤❤

  276. 428

    Tara Schmidt

    Love the ducks! They were always superior to the mice in my house growing up! I so want the backpack. 🤞

  277. 427

    Louise Mikus

    Ok I really do like th e donald bag, give a go a what not…luck can tilt either way

  278. 426


    My mom would adore this backpack!

  279. 425


    My niece was just asking for one of these on Saturday. She would be so excited if I won one for her ♡

  280. 424

    Lisa Wheaton

    I’d love to win!!! ;o)

  281. 423


    So cute!!! Thanks for the chance!

  282. 422

    Priscilla Kanioros

    I would love to win this giveaway love disney

  283. 421


    I love the tail!

  284. 420


    LOve these!!!!!

  285. 419


    I LOVE this bag!! The tail on the back is adorable! Pick me pick me!! ❤️🥰😍

  286. 418

    Dawn Martin

    I have a few of these on my wish list….. love these!!!

  287. 417

    Jessica Mendez

    Seriously… that’s the cutest bag I have seen in a looonnnngggg time ❤️ Thanks for the chance

  288. 416

    Brendan Hennessy

    Wow! Such a cool contest!

  289. 415

    Jennifer kaminski

    Love loungefly, their Disney designs are the best!!

  290. 414

    Kelly McCabe Smith

    What an adorable Donald bag! Thanks for a chance in this giveaway!

  291. 413

    Kylene Elizabeth

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    Super cute!! Absolutely love with loungefly has done with their Disney bags!

  294. 410

    Jessica Campbell

    So adorable!!!! 😍

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    This bag is super cute. Love ❤️ loungefly

  296. 408

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    That Donald tail is like the best detail ever!! 💕😍

  297. 407


    Love love love 💗 loungefly and of course Chipandco😍

  298. 406


    I love loungefly bags! I have quite a few. Lol

  299. 405

    Ellen Snyder

    Love that these bags are vegan. I’ve been looking for cute vegan bags for my daughter’s birthday.

  300. 404


    These are so adorable

  301. 403


    I love these bags! I don’t know if I’ll be able to choose just one. I have three on my wish list already!!!

  302. 402

    Starr Jenkins

    I really love my rose gold Minnie loungefly bag I really want more of them

  303. 401

    Haley Nemeth

    We are taking my 3 year old daughter to Disney this September and one of these adorable bags would just be perfect!!!!!

  304. 400


    This bag is adorable!!! I would love it!!! Might be a slightly obsessed Disney Loving Teacher right here!!!! 😍

  305. 399


    Love ❤️ love ❤️ my absolute favorite!!!

  306. 398


    Love Donald ♥️ I’d be so happy to finally own a loungefly x Disney bag!

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  312. 392

    Hayley Guilinger

    Omg!! I love Disney with my whole heart💖 I am going again this summer & would love to have one of these beautiful bags to have in the parks!😊

  313. 391

    Emily Haehlen

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  314. 390

    Sophie tregortha

    So so cute!!
    I need this bag in my life 💖

  315. 389


    Too cute!!!

  316. 388


    Love the Moana backpack so much!

  317. 387


    Love the Donald bag. Thanks for the opportunity!

  318. 386

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    Leah F.

    Loungefly has amazing bags! 😍

  320. 384

    Annika A


  321. 383


    This backpack is super cute! I think Donald Duck is way underrated! Glad to see he is finally getting the spotlight! Would love to win this backpack for my next trip!

  322. 382

    Meredith Eng

    This is amazing! I have a Loungefly addiction!

  323. 381


    This backpack is super cute! Donald Duck is way underrated. Glad to see he’s finally getting the spotlight. Would love to win this backpack.

  324. 380

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  325. 379


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  326. 378

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  330. 374


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  337. 367


    The Disney Loungefly bags are so cute! I got the Haunted Mansion one on my last trip. Love it!

  338. 366

    Dona Coffey

    Love this Donald bag. I have the female villians bag and love it

  339. 365


    Adorable, my 8 year old daughter would love this!!

  340. 364


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  341. 363

    Ann Gibbs

    I love all of these designs. I’m looking for a new purse or backpack to replace my worn out but well loved Minnie Mouse purse. I am obsessed with all things Disney so it would be fantastic to be picked.

  342. 362


    💙💛❤ This is adorable. I love so many of the designs from Loungefly 🖤💙💛

  343. 361

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    So Cute!!

  344. 360


    The bags are super cute! It would be awesome to win!!

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  348. 356

    Scott Ledbetter

    Always buying these for my wife!

  349. 355

    Samantha Ballinger

    My youngest loves Donald!

  350. 354


    I would love to win a loungefly! It would be a first but I only hear good things from people – my best friend has a haunted mansion one and loves how spacious it is! I love a compact bag that still manages to give you lots of room!

  351. 353


    Love Loungefly mini backpacks!

  352. 352

    Debbie Greenwood

    Love the Disney Mini Loungefly , I keep expanding my collection. ❤️

  353. 351

    Amanda sellers

    I have to say I love that my go to for all in park Disney before my trips picked a bag featuring my favorite character for this give away!! I had been eyeing this exact bag at the parks lost time I was there but I so missed that adorable tail!

  354. 350


    Would love to win!

  355. 349

    Amy Orlick

    My daughter and I both love our Loungefly bags!! Would love to add to our collection!!

  356. 348


    Obessed with Disney and these bags!

  357. 347


    I would love to win the Minnie Mouse Crossbody bag. I need to replace my purse.
    Hoping this contest is open to Canadians.

  358. 346


    Love these bags!

  359. 345

    Adrienne Cinnamon

    Donald has always been one of my favorites. This bag is adorable, love the little hat and tail!

  360. 344



  361. 343


    Wow what a cute bag 😍😍. Love your instagram page great photos!

  362. 342

    Stevie Basham

    Love the bag and love your site!

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  367. 337



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  369. 335


    Loungefly has awesome Disney inspired products!

  370. 334

    Kendra Leonard

    Love it, these are all so cute!

  371. 333

    Megan Edmundson

    I don’t know I would be able to choose which bag I would want for my trip in may! I’m am torn between Donald, mickey, or hope that minnie is back in stock

  372. 332

    Monique Roman

    Love it!!!

  373. 331


    The Donald backpack 💙

  374. 330

    Brooke Smith Johnson

    Love love love!!!!

  375. 329


    They have the greatest and cutest things and this of course is no exception. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  376. 328

    Jessica Jesky

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  381. 323

    Stephanie Dowd

    It’s so cute!

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  383. 321


    Commenting… love this Donald loungefly, especially the tail on the back my daughter Daisy would probably take it from me lol

  384. 320

    Hillary Graber

    I love this! And my kids would go crazy over it. This is ones my sons favorite character to.

  385. 319


    I love LoungeFly!

  386. 318

    Tammy Reicherts

    That fluffy little tail is just toooo cute!! I love it!

  387. 317


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  388. 316


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  389. 315


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    This Donald bag is too cute and the attention to detail is just 😍

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  395. 309


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    Elizabeth Gaboury

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  397. 307


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  404. 300



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  408. 296

    Milford C. Hutsell III

    the wife would love these!

  409. 295



  410. 294

    Dee-Dee Duncan

    I have the Villians purse that I totally love and I get so many compliments on!

  411. 293

    Samantha Brahniuk

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  412. 292


    Love Loungefly, Chip and Co and new to Fun.com. Would be super excited to win!

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    Raffy Perso

    Wow!!! So CUTE!!! 😍 I would love to win! 💖🤞💖🤞

  414. 290


    My daughter would LOVE one of these bags!!! They are too cute!!

  415. 289

    Melissa Suarez

    Winning it for my little sister cause she loves Donald! ♡♡♡

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    Angela Spurgeo

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    Mandy S

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  418. 286


    Must have one!

  419. 285


    The Donald Duck mini backpack is so cute!! I love LoungeFly and Fun.com!!

  420. 284


    Love to have one it’s so adorable specially for my trip to Disneyland for my son birthday I will rock it!

  421. 283

    Heather Namay

    Love these bags! Such cute designs!

  422. 282

    Apryl Farlow

    I bought my mom the Wickett loungefly backpack and she loves it so much! Even ny Marie wallet is Loungefly!

  423. 281


    Beautiful bags and great customer service!!

  424. 280


    Absolutely gorgeous

  425. 279

    Christina C.

    I really like the Loungefly merchandise

  426. 278


    I would love to win I dont have one and we are going to wdw in September!

  427. 277

    chantal blair

    Love this bag! It is so cute and stylish!

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    Tara Shaw

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  432. 272


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    Donald is my hero, I’m in love with this bag…will trade children for the bag…not joking ❤️

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    Lori Flax

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    Morgan Sutton

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  442. 262

    Amanda Hubaker

    This is great! Thanks for the chance.

  443. 261


    This bag is super cute.. as is everything from Loungefly..

  444. 260


    Would love to win one of these adorable bags!

  445. 259

    Calyn H

    OMG, super cute bag!!!!

  446. 258


    I have always wanted one

  447. 257

    Brittia Rivard

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  448. 256


    These are so cute. If I won I would pick the Belle bag and give it to my mom becbecause sh looves beauty and the beast.

  449. 255


    Love these!!! 💕💕

  450. 254

    Nilda M. Bonilla

    I love how these look

  451. 253

    Christine aguiat

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    Carrie Kitchell

    So many adorable styles!! 😍

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    Marnie P

    I love the Loungefly Disney bags. Would love another one to keep me in the Disney state of mind.

  454. 250

    Nicole Opfer

    I love Loungefly!!! Good luck everyone and thanks for the give away!

  455. 249

    Mattie Bedinghaus

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    Lillian Manning

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    Kathy Jo

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  458. 246

    Ronnie Callejo

    THIS would go great with the Mickey bag we just got, headed there for Mardi Gras.

  459. 245


    Love all of the loungefly products!! Definitely loving this Donald bag! Y

  460. 244


    I would loooooooove this Donald bag!!! ❤️

  461. 243

    Luke Hinton

    For my wife lol

  462. 242


    Would love to win this for my daughter who is a huge fan of Donald Duck! The purse is super cute and unique. Hoping you pick me

  463. 241


    So cute!

  464. 240


    Perfect for my next Disney trip!

  465. 239

    Jillian Belfiore

    I’m in love with these backpacks. The detail and coloring is outstanding ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

  466. 238


    Love the LoungFly bags! I have always wanted one but couldn’t afford one! I have a Disney trip coming up that this would be perfect for!! 😍😍😍

  467. 237


    Love loungefly disney bags! 😍

  468. 236

    Michele Factor

    So cute Id love to have this

  469. 235

    Jillian Holthaus

    I love my loungefly Mickey purse, would love a mini backpack for vacations and weekends when I need to carry more stuff 🙂

  470. 234


    Love these bags!! 💖

  471. 233


    So cute! I love the feeling Disney gives me a an adult! It’s always such a great escape even planning my next trips!

  472. 232

    Mikayla mosley

    I love loungefly! Their bags are phenomenal. They think of every detail!

  473. 231


    These bags are filled with Disney magic! Would love to have one for my upcoming Disney vacation!

  474. 230

    Pamela Wilson

    Love these bags but never had one. Unfortunately I can’t afford one so I hope to win. Thanks for giving us a chance to own one.

  475. 229

    Stacey Laura Pickard

    I love the duck family! My kids and I love being decked out in Disney attire. I have been dreaming of one of these bags for my next Disney trip

  476. 228

    Heather Marcou Harris

    Super cute bag, would love to win one

  477. 227

    Tiffany Flint

    Oh I love loungefly and I love love love this bag!!!!

  478. 226


    Love the Loungefly bags! They’re so cute!

  479. 225


    OMG! I love that ! Donald is #1!

  480. 224


    Great IDea I hope I win I love loungefly!

  481. 223


    What a great giveaway! That Donald bag is the best. He’s always been my favorite.

  482. 222

    Teresa B

    Love love love!

  483. 221

    Dawn Panagos

    Loungefly bags are so cute! Love this one!

  484. 220

    Rhonda Jones

    Ohh!! I want this Donald one soooo bad! Love all the details on this bag! Love Loungefly! They’re the perfect size for the parks!!

  485. 219


    LOVE this bag!! Donald is one of my favs! Thanks for your awesome review!

  486. 218



  487. 217


    I adore those Loungefly mini backpacks!

  488. 216

    Maylee De Jesus

    I love how many designs they are coming out with!! Soooo cute!!! Love Loungefly!! ❤️❤️

  489. 215

    Angeline Nakamura

    I absolutely love following you guys!!!!! Thanks for all that you bring to us

  490. 214

    Beth junkin

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    ILona B.

    These are are so CUTE!!!

  492. 212

    Kimberlee Kleese

    I love Loungefly! Would love to win one of these!

  493. 211

    Mitzi Pullum

    Love Loungefly and Chip and Co!

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    Amy Foster

    Super cute!!

  495. 209


    Would be fun to win one of these!

  496. 208


    This would be so cool. We’re heading to Disney in the fall

  497. 207

    Lauren Noel Hazlett

    Donald Duck is my favorite!!! 💕💕😍😍

  498. 206


    Would be fun to win!!

  499. 205

    Cindy Marini

    Would love to win one of these backpacks! I love them!

  500. 204


    This bag is so cute!! Would be a great gift to give my daughter for our Disney trip!

  501. 203


    OMG!! These are so beautiful!!

  502. 202

    Melissa Jaccard

    Awwwww Donald …Soo cute!!

  503. 201


    My daughter would LOVE this bag!!! They are all so adorable!!!!

  504. 200

    Jessica Gladden

    OMG! I need this to go with my Lularoe Donald Duck dress and Donald Duck Mousekears! 😍

  505. 199


    omg would love to win one of these for my Disney birthday trip in May!

  506. 198


    Absolutely love Loungefly! Hoping to add one to my Disney collection!

  507. 197


    Super cute! Love them!

  508. 196

    CJ Dods

    Love these bags! They’re so cute!! 😍

  509. 195


    Love Loungefly bags AND chipandco! 💜💫

  510. 194


    I’m a new Disneyland AP holder and have been shopping for new apparel and accessories for my trips. I would love to rock a lounge fly backpack for my next visit!

  511. 193


    I 💙💛 Donald!!

  512. 192

    Amanda Lawson

    My daughter is obsessed with Donald! I love the tail detail- so cute!! I will have to order her this before our next WDW trip.

  513. 191

    Jennifer Jamiel

    AWWWWWWW So stinkin’ CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  514. 190

    Tammie Rodriguez

    These bags are so cute!

  515. 189

    Cory Loria

    Such a cute bag!

  516. 188

    Clarissa Mercado

    I want donald backpack soo baaad!!

  517. 187


    Love this bag and Loungefly!

  518. 186


    Amazing love the design

  519. 185


    This would be fun to win.

  520. 184

    Donna DiFabrizio

    So adorable!!!! Keep up the great work!

  521. 183


    Love these bags

  522. 182

    Jen Smith

    Love the Donald Duck bag!! Soo cute!
    Crossing my fingers 🤞🏻

  523. 181


    The. Cutest. Donald. Backpack. Ever! If I don’t win it I’ll have to buy it. great!

  524. 180


    Love these bags

  525. 179


    I 💙💛 Donald!

  526. 178


    Would love to win the Donald Duck backpack! We love the Duck in our house and are off to Disneyland Paris this summer!

  527. 177


    I would love to win this really cute bag it would look great with my outfit for my next Disney trip and I can brag that you guys gave it to me. Love your Instagram account. Fingers crossed

  528. 176


    So cute! Would love to win this and take it on our trip in September!

  529. 175

    Yiotis Tsarnas

    Loungefly always has awsome bags!! Love it!!! Donald is my fave, while Daisy is my wifes fave!!!

  530. 174

    Lisa Schroeder

    OMG!! Would love to win this for my daughter! Donald is her fave, and there aren’t any cute things for girls with Donald!

  531. 173

    Cheryll Peterson

    Wow, that is super cute…love Donald

  532. 172


    I am a huge Donald Duck fan even have a tattoo on my leg of donald playing the bagpipes. Would love a loungefly Donald bag.

  533. 171


    This will be perfect for my next Disney trip!!

  534. 170

    Bethany Richards

    So cute!

  535. 169


    What a fun giveaway, fingers crossed

  536. 168

    Sophie Cope

    I love the Donald Duck bag! Loungefly bags are so cute and fashionable. I would love to win a bag because I have always wanted to own one. I love all the Disney designs!

  537. 167

    Brittany McLarney

    I love this bag!! The tail is awesome!!

  538. 166


    Donald Duck is definitely #1 in my eyes! Love, love, love the bag! 💙💛❤

  539. 165


    I love reading what you guys post!! It keeps me updated on all things Disney! I would love to win one of the cute bags!!! They’re adorable!!

  540. 164


    So cute! I would love to take this on our upcoming trip!

  541. 163


    Love those bags! So cute!!

  542. 162


    So cute!! I love this!!

  543. 161


    Amazing design!!! Love it!!!

  544. 160


    Love #Loungefly bags!

  545. 159


    I love Donald 💙. Great pack

  546. 158


    Would love this bag!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️😃

  547. 157

    Bekah Baggette

    Omg I’ve been dying for a loungefly Disney bag FOREVER but they’ve been to pricey for us! This would be the best Valentine’s Day present ever!!!

  548. 156

    Jennifer Morrison

    Love all the bags 😱❤️😍

  549. 155

    Ranee dibeneditto

    Adorable bags! ♥️

  550. 154


    Love Loungefly and the mini backpacks kee getting cuter and cuter!

  551. 153


    Donald Duck #1
    I love Donald!!

  552. 152

    Heather Scott

    Omg!!! I absolutely need this for my trip to Disneyland in October. It’s so cute!

  553. 151

    Emma Hollenberg

    Can’t believe they are giving two away for free hope I get one this is amazing I love Disney loungefly!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  554. 150

    Debbie Flory

    So cute-thanks for this contest!

  555. 149


    I love Loungefly!!! Bought my first bag a few months ago and now I want more…lol!! Would love to win this adorable bag!!

  556. 148


    So cute!

  557. 147


    Pick me, pick me!!!!!

  558. 146


    I love the details on this bag!!! I would love to have the chance to win it!!! 🙂

  559. 145

    Jessica Layer

    Would love to win a bag! So cute!

  560. 144


    Love these bags!

  561. 143


    I love the Donald backpack 💙

  562. 142


    Donald Duck is #1! I need this bag to go with my Donald Duck Shirt and Leggings!!!

  563. 141


    Love Loungefly!! They have the cutest Disney things.

  564. 140

    Kayla Lee

    Super cute <3

  565. 139

    Jeana Whitesel

    I love Loungefly! So cute!!! ❤️ I have the Figment 35th anniversary bag and would love to add to it!!

  566. 138


    That Donald bag is amazing!!! 😍😍

  567. 137

    Lyndsay Valentino

    These bags are so cute!!!!

  568. 136


    Love this bag!!!!

  569. 135

    Merideth Buzbee

    I totally love Donald Duck ❤️❤️❤️Love the bag

  570. 134


    Love these bags

  571. 133


    Thank you for the opportunity to win this bag. My daughter would love it

  572. 132


    I love the Mickey bag!

  573. 131

    Andrea A. (@Lunachique)

    These are darling! Thanks for the chance!

  574. 130

    Kim McCain

    Love to have Disney thing to keep the magic going

  575. 129

    Michelle R

    Love these beautiful backpacks!! I would love another one!! Just purchased one over Christmas holiday. My favorite bag now!!

  576. 128


    This bag is just to darn cute!!! Espically for my #1 duck donald

  577. 127

    Stacie Walters

    That Donald bag is fabulous!!

  578. 126


    The tail on the back is the cutest!! Love.

  579. 125


    Love the Donald Duck backpack!

  580. 124


    Love this Donald backpack!!

  581. 123

    Cathie Irwin

    Super cute!! I hope I win!

  582. 122


    That’s awesome!

  583. 121


    Can always use another awesome bag!

  584. 120

    Linda W.

    Loving this bag!! Too cute! ❤

  585. 119


    Oh my gosh, this bag is amazing! My favorite part is Donald’s Tail.

  586. 118


    Love loungefly. We have a Star Wars backpack we’ve been using for over two years as a diaper bag. My daughter also has the Marie backpack. Great quality.

  587. 117


    I love Loungefly’s Disney designs!

  588. 116


    These are adorable and the perfect gifts!

  589. 115


    I love these so much!!!

  590. 114

    Karrie Goelz

    I love Loungefly bags. So cute!

  591. 113

    Nichol McCarty

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