Disney Live-Action Film About Snow White’s Sister in the Works


More news on the Disney live-action fairy tale front! Today in an exclusive with The Hollywood Reporter it was announced that Walt Disney Studios picked up a script about Rose Red, sister to Snow White. The original “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” story was by The Brothers Grimm, and Rose Red was another character created by them with her own story in Grimms’ fairy tales, with no relation to Snow White.

Screenwriter Justin Merz wrote the script, entitled “Red”, originally just based on the Rose Red fairy tale. Evan Daugherty (who wrote the screenplay for “Snow White and the Huntsman”) has since helped re-work the script with her being Snow White’s sister. This seems like quite a smart move, seeing as how there have been a couple of live-action Snow White movies (not from Disney) released in the last few years.

The film will take place after Snow White has bitten into the Evil Queen’s poison apple, and it will be up to Rose with the help of the dwarfs to find a way to break Snow White’s curse. A fresh take on the Snow White story will definitely be interesting to see, and am excited to see Disney put a new twist on the fairy tale that is such a huge part of the company’s history. I especially love the idea of Snow White’s sister having to go on an adventure to help save her sister’s life, and am interested to see if Prince Charming will play a role in this particular take on this classic tale.

Pic Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

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