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    I worked for Disney for several years and followed the rules. I was questioned once by a manager about my moustache. I kept in mind I was hired with my moustache. I served my country and had it, taught as a teacher and had and was hired at Disney with one. This manager was just trying to make a name for himself so I decided I was going to not give up something personal to me, like my moustache, so decided to resign. When I brought it up to my coordinator, who today happens to be a manger and very well respected by her peers and Disney themselves, she told me to go up the chain of command and I did. I’m glad i did because my moustache was within the Disney look and was told to keep it. The funny thing about all this that the manager who tried so hard to write me up or make me quit didn’t last very long at Animal Kingdom and especially at Kilimanjaro Safari.
    I am so glad that my then coordinator helped me and also the manager in charge of the entire unit. Man do I love her! She still works there and is a great manager, but more importantly a great, compassionate, loving, caring and TRUE DISNEY PERSON!
    As for the changes, I don’t agree with management at the top! We will always love WALTS DISNEY, but have a lot of today’s Disney that leaves alot to be desired. We still go, but no longer feel the Magic I knew as a kid or even cast member a couple of years ago. I know many wont like my comment, but the greed that Disney has only hurts their future. I love what Walt wanted as a family oriented park, but the greed of Disney Execs and stockholders have fallen into wanting to satisfy every social agenda. I can’t agree with societies agenda, but Disney of today is afraid of losing a small sector of revenue, even if it means losing their soul. In this case, many souls and their money.
    I feel Walt knew what he wanted as a dream, but if he was alive today I truly believe that the upper 25% of management would be fired! Their greed has taken away from the Magic that Walt all wanted us to experience. I can no longer enjoy Disney because of what it means to me financially. I would love to go three or four times a year, but it seems that I can’t even go once a year. With a family of five trying to enjoy a week means we must give up other things for a couple of years. Something is wrong with that in general! My love for Disney can never supersede my ability to provide for my family throughout the year, in this case years!
    I love my time as a cast member and love all the great memories with some very great people from all over. I am hoping, actually praying on my knees, that Disney as a company realizes that their greed has taken away from the dream of one man and has become, as many people call it “The Evil Empire”, the most unethical, immoral and money driven company on earth. Like I said earlier that many people will get offended and of course be rude, but just as easy as you agree with it or better yet ignore their ways of doing business. I also have the right to feel and act in a way that will keep my family in tact, not just here on earth , but also once they leave this earth.
    Too many Disney is the most magical place on earth, but I feel that the most magical place is the fact that once you leave this earth will be Heaven! Disney Corporation will do what makes them rich, so don’t think one minute they truly care about you as an individual or family.
    Again, I LOVE ALL MY DISNEY FRIENDS AND FAMILIES no matter what! My comments are directed at Disney as a Company and its greed starting at the top! No matter if you wear jewelry or have a beard just remember that Disney may be your employer, but Your personal salvation is much important! You may be valuable to the company, but your soul is much more valuable to me as a person!
    God Bless you whether you agree with me or not!

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    As a former cast member I think these are poor decisions and do not reflect well on the management of WDW

  3. 41


    Facial hair is gross and should not happen. Keep the clean image. Next it will be piercings allowed. Disney is making some stupid decisions recently.

  4. 40


    I can not believe people are so upset over these tiny changes. No one is coming into the park being outraged over a cast member having a bracelet on. When I was a cast member guests were more surprised that i WASN’T wearing a bracelet but was working with pandora jewelry 🙃

  5. 39


    Another stupid decision.

  6. 38

    Mickey Mouse

    About time! Greatful that Disney is catching up with the times!

  7. 37

    Disney Lover

    Many who have commented have hit the nail on the head. Disney has magic that they shouldn’t risk losing when they change the dress/appearance codes. Disney guests have grown to expect certain things (pristine streets, family entertainment, and an image and attitude from all cast members that conveys Disney’s special environment. Many other professional orgs are just as demanding. If a person wants to dress independently, then they should avoid looking for jobs in corporate leadership, civil service, military, and theme parks.

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    I would rather more lightweight fabrics and relaxed costume changes considering many of us work in the Florida heat. Even when working inside, it gets extremely warm due to old air conditioning units and doors left open to ease guest entry and exit.

  9. 35


    This is another change that is not good. Disney is magical because it has always presented an atmosphere to the guest that they were special. Keep the bar as high as it can and do not destroy the magic.

  10. 34


    It’s a step in the wrong direction. Disney is representative of clean and neat in all aspects. The cast members always appeared to fit that rule. I was one once and put on my Disney costume with pride that I represented Disney.

  11. 33

    Doug Murray

    Anything approaching business casual is fine. Tats, piercings, etc, really don’t matter to me. I’d say as long as the attitude is great, that’s what counts.

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    Most work places have a dress code to follow, that isn’t unique to Disney. Those that are wanting to be unique and individual in their style are more than welcome to be…somewhere that doesn’t have the same dress code. I may not particularly like a speed limit in an area, but it is the rule….so I obey it. I am a little confused how we have become a society where rules really shouldn’t apply to anyone who doesn’t like them.

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    Disney need to be more excepting of modern times and culture. my indigenous culture says I have a piercing through my septum and gaged earlobes. Which I have. Also I should have a tattoo on my face. Which is a little to extreme for me. I would work for Disney in a heart beat. Even I know you should never judge a book by its cover

  14. 30


    I don’t believe this is true. I’m a new re-hire and I have not heard anything about this. Where is your source about the beards? The necklace thing is not new for non-costumed cast.

  15. 29


    Disney needs to stay as it has always been. It’s a magical place I’ve enjoyed for years and also with my children and want it to always be classy . That’s what sets it apart from other places.

  16. 28


    Wow finally i am currently cast member and have been here for many years. People would get disciplined for a 5-o-clock shadow and would be blamed that they could of did it on their way. Um some people get out of work and go straight to their disney jobs from other jobs because of the offset clock in times there is no realistic time frame for that. Im glad there is a change with this and isnt this park a judgement free zone? But the cast gets judged purposely. Its a shame but hey its disney.

  17. 27


    Rob, if you think 1 inch is long, I pity any partner you’ve been with…

  18. 26


    What makes red Pink and orange nails okay but not black white or blue nails?

  19. 25


    Anyone complaining about Disney look relaxing a little needs to stop I worked there and they used to make guys who walked in with stubble go to the bathroom and shave they would hand them a razor. Also girls can only have one hole pierced on there ears. And I have plenty of tattoos but it doesn’t make me any less qualified or any different from someone without tattoos so Disney making me and other cast members cover up things that make us unique really sucks especially when the nicest people are covered in tattoos and have stubble on their face

  20. 24


    I think the main idea is to stick to theming. A rugged looking Canadian log roller is perfect, a little nail polish that matches a uniform is great if it’s not peeling. But Elsa should look like Elsa. Looseni,g up some of the rules seems well within the times.

  21. 23


    Rob, you can suck a fat one. Beards don’t look trashy if you keep them maintained. Get with the times you old fashioned goon.

  22. 21


    Wow…Now male cast members will look trashy with long beards…so much for Walts wishes.

  23. 20


    I question how a small necklace that I wear tucked under my shirt makes me look unprofessional. I do however think facial stubble is a bit tacky.

  24. 19


    The “Disney look” is what makes Disneyland unique. You go to other theme parks and see the workers half dressed and a little sloppy. I’m always pointing out things that Disneyland wouldn’t allow. When I worked at Disney I remember feeling proud and important because I had to play a role in a magical place. If someone doesn’t agree with the dress policy the way it’s been for many years, then it’s not the job for them. I want my kids to have the same magical experiences and if Disney starts allowing these new looks, I bet it’s all going to get pretty lame in a few years.

  25. 18


    I worked at Disney for 5 years. I think as long as you are groomed, clean and neat you should be fine. Jewelry is fine too. Some the rules are overly exaggerated.

  26. 17


    Disney has an image and should not change. I would change the pay-scale for the CM’S as it is not equal to the service. Mu daughter is a CM, loves Disney and without 2-4 roommates cannot afford to work there. Disney needs to focus on the total CM environment.

  27. 16


    Disney was ALWAYS a step above with standards and Now they are lowering them Little by Little..I was a Castmember at Disneyland and also at Disneyworld it never bothered us as castmembers the rules and standards for hair etc… not sure what is going on But prices keep rising and the reason guest wouldn’t mind paying the prices is for the step above of other parks or amusement parks exspecially for that Disney standard

  28. 15


    I think it’s funny how most of these comments/ people are so worried about “ Disney look” with your “ World class” and “ Values” but I don’t ever hear anything about how Disney keeps the same awful parades and shows for years, major cut backs and lack of entertainment which the company is really known for!
    I’d be complaining more about that than Disney look!🤷🏻‍♂️

  29. 14

    Jeanette Ekaitis

    Not feelin it. Leave the clean and neat look alone. It’s a Disney trademark. My kids and grandkids always look neat at Disney. It’s how we roll!!

  30. 13


    I think if a guy wants a beard he should grow it during his time off. That scraggly look is just unpleasant to look at. I don’t care how personable he is. Neat/trim/groomed facial hair wouldn’t bother me. If you want
    To work at Disney you need to follow their appearance code.

  31. 12


    You ppl are funny! Disney is doing its values because of facial hair and a bracelet! Get the F outta here. The value isn’t in how we look it’s how we act! I’ve covered in tattoos not that you’d know it! We hide shit all the time!

  32. 11

    Todd Storey

    Based on these comments, facial hair is, apparently, the Downfall of Civilization.

  33. 10

    Elizabeth Haro

    I work at DCA and it does bother me when leads have non-Disney look nails. Or when cast members are allowed to grow their dark roots out with bleach blonde hair. It is not at all what I think of as “natural”, which is part of the Disney look.

  34. 9


    I’m not in favor of this. Disney is know for their style, their quality of things, they stand out with every single detail! If they start to relax things, where will it end? They need to keep to their high level of quality because that’s what most people go their for…the quality and details! Unlike the other amusement parks, like Six Flags. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  35. 8


    How about not make the girls wear panty hoes? it’s expensive and uncomfortable as well as outdated.

  36. 7

    Barbara Pezzuto

    Disney should keep to their high levels of codes. You give an inch, people will push for a yard. High standards keeps Disney above other parks.

  37. 6


    With the comment about the nails….. if you work for the Disneyland company…. they do pay very close attention to the girl with Nails and if they dont get caught the locations manager isnt doing their job… which i think all managers should be on the same page. If your gonna punish one u have to punish all. And lead by example because I always see people in a leaders position role that are also not following the “Disney Look”

  38. 5


    I think it is a great idea giving cast members a little more to make themselves look a little more in with the crowd. As a cast member GREAT JOB DISNEY. Ok

  39. 4


    Good , cuz things are getting out of control, put more attention on those girls with very fancy nails .

  40. 3


    Is good cuz things are getting out of control , should put more attention on girls
    With those fancy nails

  41. 2

    john mccoy

    Sad to see Disney stray further from the core Disney values of which Grooming has always been a critical part. There are no longer any ‘direct proteges’ of Walt and with the retirement or passing of direct proteges like Dick Nunis, Jim Cora, Ron Dominguez, Marty Sklar the Disney Values continue to be compromised … a sad commentary in today’s degradation of society. Disney Values are needed now more than ever. Thank you for the Post Walt era that fought to keep the Disney Values and to Matt Oumet and Gregg Emmer who fought the battle to preserve and return those Values to the Disneyland Resort. Jungle John

  42. 1


    Not good! Thus is what separates “World Class” from the mediocre and has made us the best of the best. You are now making it looks me all other establishments. Other businesses are chasing a Disney and now you are in a decline!!

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