Disney is now selling Baby Yoda Shoes!

Baby Yoda Shoes

Disney is now selling the cutest Baby Yoda shoes on Shop Disney!

Disney/Star Wars has partnered up with Zazzle to sell these new Mandalorian themed shoes for a good cause. Each pair is handmade in Kenya and features this adorable Baby Yoda design.

Here is more info about these slip-on shoes:

We’re excited to introduce the first Afridrille! A one-of-a-kind slip-on shoe that’s perfect for doing good and feeling good.

It’s been affectionately named Afridrille because it’s inspired by the Spanish espadrille style, but it’s 100% made in Africa. The shoe retains the look and feel of the espadrille while weaving in the local African flair through unique custom designs, indigenous African patterns, and the kanga fabric (a colorful triangle garment worn throughout East Africa).

The Afridrille is fully customizable. Each customer can create a unique shoe that fits their own personal style by selecting the color of the canvas, the style, and color of print, and the inner kanga lining.

The Afridrille fits true to size. Order your regular shoe size if you plan to wear your Afridrilles without socks, or size up a 1/2 size to wear the Afridrille with socks. Wide sizes are not available, customers who have wider feet should order a half-size up.

UBUNTU is an African philosophy of unity: ‘I Am Because We Are.’ UBUNTU is also an organization that embodies this principle and believes the products we buy should connect us to the people who make them. Each Afridrille is handmade by UBUNTU Mums in Maai Mahiu, Kenya.

UBUNTU gives back to health and education programs in Kenya, creating jobs and providing impact in communities on the other side of the world. The UBUNTU model creates a new cycle of livelihood between social business and non-profit growth. The earned and charitable income from UBUNTU Enterprise feeds directly into the well-being of Zazzle’s social impact initiatives.

Baby Yoda Shoes

The new Baby Yoda shoes from the hit show The Mandalorian will run you $89.95 and are available for Men & Women.

Just click here to learn more and order yours today!

Season 2 of the Mandalorian is coming in 2020! Click here to learn more… 

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