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  1. 10

    Bev Ochab

    Just got my Simba magnets in the mail!!
    I don’t think Disney would say they will mail the magnets and not do it.

  2. 9


    well people could stop selling them for 50 bucks on ebay.

  3. 8


    I think the entire situation is complete garbage. I don’t spend over $3000 a year in annual passes to have to scratch and claw to get one of the free perks. Been AP holder for 11 years and can’t remember a time a magnet was gone so quickly.

  4. 7


    My husband went to grab one on Wednesday, they scanned his band and told him we’d be getting it in the mail! I guess we just wait and see. I don’t think they’d tell you that if they weren’t going to do it???

  5. 6


    They scanned my band but she specifically said that it is NOT a promise that one would ever be mailed out. It was just on the off chance they ended up getting more and it MIGHT be mailed out.

  6. 5


    This is NOT true! The magnets were limited time magic and once they’re out- they’re out! Now APs can Enjoy the perks that come with their annual passes- like annual admission to the theme parks and discounts around the parks!

  7. 4


    Not true.

  8. 3

    Scott Kline

    Yes , i was there Monday to get mine and a cast member kindly informed me to get my band scanned and i was then informed it would be mailed to my home. I was also told i would receive an email .

  9. 2


    Yesterday they just said they were out — no scanning of our bands. Hopefully they just check to see that we entered the park.

  10. 1


    Unfortunately we were there yesterday and were told they were out. They didn’t say anything about scanning our bands or mailing anything.😩

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