Disney Introduces Wilderness Warming Huts to California Adventure

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Disney has introduced Wilderness Warming Huts to the Grizzly Peak area of California Adventure for guests who are brave enough to face the rapids of Grizzly River Run.  Park Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore has two simple rules for these Wilderness Warming Huts.  First, there are only five people maximum allowed per hut, and second, proper park attire is required at all time, this includes shirt and shoes… so it looks like Humphrey the Bear just might be out of luck for his turn in these warmers.

The warmers are located across from the Rushin’ River Outfitters as park guests exit from their journey along the rapids of the Grizzly River.  It is almost guaranteed that guests will be soaked from their excursions along the river and will be in need of drying off and warming, which makes the new Wilderness Warming Huts a cozy addition to the area.  For guests looking to get toasty like a marshmallow after their time on the rapids, the Wilderness Warming Huts will cost $5.00, which will give them approximately 5 minutes of warming bliss and the promise of dryer clothes for their future explorations of the lands located beyond.  Just think, it’s like a big warm bear hug from Humphrey himself.

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