Disney Infinity Next coming Spring 2016

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Heya Disney Infinity fans! In case you missed it, Disney launched its new online video series today called, Disney Infinity Next. I watched the announcement live, but you can access it here.  After the shop-keeping announcements, such as Disney Infinity is the number 1 game in the “toys-to-life” category for two consecutive years, (as if we didn’t know that! We’re fans, right?) and that all the Disney brands are now integrated to Disney Infinity (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney), the major announcements were made and they are exciting!

Prepare for Zootopia mania.  With the movie release Friday, March 4th to a theater near you, Disney Infinity debuts its Zootopia character play pieces, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps.  Four power discs will be available as well.  By the looks of things, Judy will become a favorite in my house with her crazy kicking abilities and agility.  Disney Infinity creators have stepped up their game with these play pieces.  They look as if they are straight out of the movie.  Play on!

As I previously posted, Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set will be out this May.  This is going to be super cool.  New Marvel play pieces will be available: Ant-Man, Black Panther, Vision and an all new Captain America.  The immersive graphics are amazing.  Visit the Disney Infinity YouTube channel to check out the teasers.  On this platform, multiple characters can play at once. They interact, talk smack, work together or against each other in brawling fashion.  Another capability is what I’m calling the “chaotic unknown”. The character you are interacting with may or may not be the real deal.  It might be a robotic duplicate.  I am definitely pre-ordering this Play Set.


With the live-action film Jungle Book opening soon, we have all been wondering when we’d see our beloved Jungle Book characters for Disney Infinity.  Wonders never cease as Baloo comes to Disney Infinity.  This classic Baloo is your long-loved favorite Original play piece who throws fruit, dances and shadow boxes to the groovy beat finding the Bare Necessities.  The question I have: will the play piece weigh more than Sulley or Mr. Incredible.  I look forward to finding out.

Finally, there were hints of things to come including the big scoop I had recently about Alice in Wonderland.  Again, nothing official, but it sounds like a done deal.  We’ll soon see Alice characters presumably with the opening of the movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass.  Plus more Play Sets and pieces like Spider-Man, sold individually, coming soon to your favorite game retailer.

Until next time, keep playing!

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