Disney Gossip – The Muppets to Take Over The Hall of Presidents

Hall of Presidents

A recent post in the WDW Magic forum suggests that the Muppets cryptic announcement made a few days ago means the Muppets will be taking over the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom.

Here is the post by WDW Magic user TheVisionarySoul:

Well, it looks like the cat is about to be unleashed. The Muppets will be taking over The Hall of Presidents. From what I understand, the Muppets will have mostly a narrative role in the show, with the basic principle of the show remaining in tact. The Muppets just posted a cryptic message on Twitter, and I have a strong hunch that is what this is about. I’ve also been told by multiple sources that something is happening here, so I fully expect it. We should get an official announcement from the company in the next day or two.

Because of the nature of this news, I will ask that this thread remain in news and rumors at least for 24 hours. I will also ask that no one make this political. This is about the new show with The Muppets, nothing more.

If nothing comes of it in the next 2 days, please feel free to move it to the political section.

With the political divide among Democrats and Republicans at its widest point in years will the Muppets be able to bridge that gap?

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Even the man behind Touring Plans Len Testa who has called many changes before they became official had this to say:

Last year Disney pulled Great Moments of History with the Muppets from the Magic Kingdom and many fans were upset, there was even a petition going around to save the show. Disney did however cave to the backlash a little bit and brought the show back temporarily before retiring it again.

Then over Christmas, The Muppets returned briefly to greet guests and wish them a Happy Holidays. While I was glad to see the Muppets return it was kinda strange as there was no talking from the Muppets, I would like to have seen some audio from the characters.

While I grew up with and love the Muppets it feels like to me Disney just doesn’t know what to do with them. There is the Muppet Courtyard with Muppet’s 3D and Pizza Rizzo but that is pretty much it.

If they are going to host the Hall of Presidents I think it is going to have to be tastefully done as the Hall of Presidents is more of an educational show and not quite silly as the Muppets can be.

Again this is all just gossip and speculation at this point so take it with a grain of salt.


What do you think would you like to see the Muppets return and host the Hall of Presidents?

Let us know in the comments below.

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