Disney Friends Super Booties Cell Phone Accessories

Need some cuteness for your phone?  Leave it to our Disney friends in Japan to come up with some “too cute to pass up” accessories.

Take a look at these!


The little Disney charging adapters feature some of the cutest and most famous rear ends.  These chargers look just like your favorite Disney characters jumped head first into your outlet to help you charge your device.  Choices include Donald and his adorable tail feathers, Mickey with his iconic pants, and Winnie the Pooh who has a slight little rip in his fluff.  Each little rear comes with a lightning usb cord to fit most of your favorite electronics including iPhone 5/6 and newer generation iPads.


These charging adapters will be available on the Hamee Online Shop website beginning in October for $16.50 (plus conversion and exchange fees).   As they are being released in Japan, there is no word yet on compatibility with American electrical outlets as of yet.

Don’t want to wait or already have a houseful of chargers?  Here are some more cutie patooties!


Try these little smartphone stands!  They use your favorite Disney tushie to stand your smartphone up so you don’t have to hold it!  And they are just too cute for words.  Do you need one?  These are also available only from Japan at a cost of about $17USD (not including conversions and fees).

How about some Crazy Disney earphones!  With these you get both the front in and the back end of your favorite Disney characters (except for Chip and Dale…just two rears)! These come equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack that fit most American smartphones and can be yours for about $19USD (conversions and fees not included).


All of these products can be found on the Japanese version of the Hamee Online Shop and process are approximate values and do not include fees for conversion or shipping.

Do you plan to order?  Which one is your favorite? I think I totally need the Chip and Dale earbuds for sure!

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