Disney Foodie Favorites – SNACKS!


Are you a Disney foodie?

You know… do you think about where you’re going to eat on your next trip while your countdown is still going for your current trip? Do you have a list of must have snacks, and check them off as you go? Do you plan your park day around where you going to eat later? Are you sure to be up and ready to dial or click at 7am to get into Cinderella’s Castle or Ohana’s? Do you make everyone in your group wait while you snap a picture of their food before they touch it?

If you answered yes to any of those or all of these, then yes my friend you are a Disney foodie! Even if you didn’t, no worries you can be a Disney Foodie in no time, it’s easy and you might be one and not even know it!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, from simple things that take no time at all, to cooking Martha Stewart style plus searching various websites for recipes and dinner help, BUT when I am on vacation I want someone else cooking for me! So its breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks out!

Plus these are places and things that we don’t have at home (most times) especially the ones on Disney property, so enjoy them while and when you can I say! So this is going to be a mini-series all about Disney Foodie Favorites! It’s a 4 part series so loosen your belt buckle and let’s talk food, Disney food that is! Our 4 topics will be Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner now please keep in mind these are my picks and there are so many that we may differ but all the more reason to head back to Disney and try other things!

So let’s start with SNACKS! Every Disney Foodie has their list of snack must haves, they know where they are located, how to get there, should they share (only to save room for other snack must haves of course) as well as where they fall on the list of importance, on their list of “snack must haves” 😉

Lets get this Foodie Party Started, grab a pen & paper (and maybe a glass of milk) and take take some notes, because this cluster of Disney Goodies is not to be missed!

  • Cupcakes are all the rage now across the country but Disney always had the cupcake “thing” going on! Big, sugary and yummy and found all across the “World” from snack stops to sit down restaurants those big ole sugary cups of love are everywhere on Disney property. My favorite is the Butterfinger Cupcake, chocolate with some more chocolate then topped sweet crunchy butterfinger bits all over the top! Now this foodie friend’s is a snack to share, spread the chocolate crunchy love with others, so you can try other snacks and don’t go in sugar shock! This sweet gem can be found at Starring Rolls Cafe in Hollywood Studios!
  • Popcorn is another snack must have! I know what you’re saying “but Dana we can get popcorn anywhere” ahh yes but it’s not Disney Popcorn, oh no my friends Disney Popcorn is like Disney Crack for some…”You pop it, they will come” I mean really have you ever been stuffed full walking down Main Street and smell that slight smell of buttery, salty, poppy yumminess and think “hmm I could eat some popcorn” and you get in the line and the next thing you know you have the big ole Disney Themed Bucket of Disney Crack… er I mean Popcorn…gets ya every time 😉
  • Mickey Bars! Well let’s just say you can’t come to Disney and not have ice cream at some point, it’s hot and ice cream is a treat anytime anywhere, especially on vacation! But nobody else has Mickey shaped Ice Cream…oh yeah the sweet vanilla creamy goodness, wrapped in a dark chocolate blanket of heaven…oh and not to mention its shaped like Mickey and we all know any food shaped like Mickey just taste better no matter what!
  • Dole Whips~ now this tasty little treat has its own loyal following that can rival any snack, anytime, anywhere and come out a winner! I mean these little buggers have a cult following and Tee-Shirts to boot! You best not tell a Dole Whip Lover you never had one or they may just march you right down to Aloha Isle in Adventureland to have one! Pineapple soft serve with Pineapple juice, you can just feel the palm trees sway…right, I mean It’s a little bit of cold, delicious, sweet sunshine in a cup!
  • Turkey Legs I will admit this could be also lunch or dinner, but it’s one of my son’s favorite snacks so on the snack list it goes! This big ole caveman like treat is juicy, tender and let’s faces it just plain old fun to eat! I think that’s why my son likes them so much, I mean when at home are you going to have a massive turkey leg to chow down on!
  • Carrot Cake Cookie This is the first snack I went on the hunt for, I mean popcorn you can grab here there and everywhere just like Mickey Bars but this big round hunk of amazingly good carrot cake cookie with tantalizing creamy cheese icing inside was a little a little harder to find, but so worth it! The Writers Stop they said…hmm I have been to Hollywood Studios a few times and never seen this little gem of a place, then there it was tucked back in the corner like it was suppose to be a secret that only Disney foodies should know about. Now remember this place is a secret, so please keep it to yourself 😉
  • School Bread Norway in Epcot is a great place to visit but make sure you stop into Kringla Bakeri Og Café! Oh the goodies you will find in here, sweet pretzels, cloudberry horns and so many more! But my favorite little piece of Norway goodness is the School Bread. Don’t let the “I’m just a filled doughnut” look fool you, oh no my Disney Foodies this is a diamond in a case of sugar-laden gems that is not to be overlooked!
  • Caramel Corn– Picture it… Germany Pavilion at the Karmell Kutche… Warm Caramel Corn Is being made…yep I know your jaw just dropped and you were thinking O. M. G. and rightfully so! I’m talking warm caramel corn people; I ask you who can resist that. Do yourself a favor and take a break and get it while it’s warm…
  • Beignets– One of my favorite reasons for staying at Port Orleans French Quarter. These light airy little puffs of love covered in powder-sugar can be found here in the Sassagoula Floatworks in orders of three or six. Even if you are not staying here it’s worth the trip over, grab a couple stroll down the cobblestone walkways to the Sassagoula River and enjoy this amazing New Orleans treat the right way 😉
  • NapoleonMy all time favorite, numero uno, A number 1, cream of the crop treat in all of the world is this delectable slice of heaven found in the Boulangerie Patisserie in the France Pavilion. Light, rich, creamy and just the right amount of sweet make this little bundle of joy my top must have snack on every trip!

I hope you enjoyed my Must Have Snack List! Yep it’s a whole lot of sugary treats That’s why sharing (on most things) is a must and pacing yourself will be your friend 🙂 Relax its vacation, Enjoy the good stuff!

Next Up; Favorite Foodie Breakfast’s
Dana is a Disney Foodie and avid planner of all things Disney! You may see her in the parks with her Must See/Do/Have/Foodie lists.

Disney Foodie Favorites - SNACKS!
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  1. Mmmm Karamel Kuche is my favorite sweet spot in Walt Disney World! I love the marshmallow/caramel swirl.

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