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So far in our Disney Foodie Series we have covered Snacks and Breakfast!  Today lets do Lunch! Once again lets break this down by parks, resorts and DTD plus by counter service to table service , because lets face it there’s waaaaay too many favorites to narrow it down to just one 😉

First up Magic Kingdom~ My favorite counter service here in MK has never wavered, and that says alot because I am always open to new places and new taste. Columbia Harbour House, we have always liked anything we have got here over the years and always look forward to making a return. My favorite here is the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich, fresh, light and tasty just the way a sandwich should be! My son loves the Chicken Salad here and last time we split our meals and I have to say it was really good! I would recommend anything here fish, chicken or go crazy and try the lighthouse hummus sandwich! Plus try the upstairs seating, quiet and out of the way makes for a great break in the middle of the day!

My Foodie choice for a sit-down lunch in the Magic kingdom is the Liberty Tree Tavern. We always enjoyed the character dinners they had a few years ago and the Pilgrims Feast (Turkey Dinner) with all the trimming they served, but alas the characters are gone but the Pilgrims’ Feast thankfully remains! It was then we tried lunch here, while some ordered the pilgrims feast I went with the New England Pot Roast… Our Tavern Keeper’s Favorite and what a scrumptious dish this is! It was melt in your mouth good, the way good pot roast should be and this folks didn’t disappoint 🙂 Also again if you are looking for something lighter and say even a little different give the Colony Salad a try, it not only has chicken and greens but crasins, apples and pecans a great salad for sure!

Animal Kingdom has a few surprises up there sleeve when it comes to counter service places, my son was thrilled to find Mr. Kamal’s Kiosk where they served his favorite food ever chicken wings! They were of the boneless variety but he was a happy boy none the less. I also found a little jewel in the rough here if you will, Tamu Tamu Refreshments Kiosk! We looking for a little something and hit the jackpot on a couple sandwiches here that were delightful! Slow Roasted Pulled Beef Sandwich was my choice and Oh My Goodness what a treat this was! Spicy pulled beef with a creamy cucumber sauce on a pita it was so flavorful! My mom had the Roasted Chicken Salad Sandwich this was stuffed full diced chicken and dried fruit with a little spice thrown in for an extra burst of flavor! These were both absolutely sinful! So do your palate a favor and stop by Tamu Tamu!

Disney Foodies like myself like a sit down lunch at Tusker House, now I know I also choose here for breakfast but lunch here gives you a pleasant-tasting awry of different dishes similar to those served at Boma. My pick here is the Spiced Rubbed Rotisserie Chicken and the Seafood Stew plus the salads, sides and vegetables here are splendid, maybe a little different that the norm but tasty.

Hollywood Studios, well once again (the same as breakfast) we don’t do allot of counter service meals here, nothing has ever stood out here for us in that department, while there are places around nothing hits the spot for us soooo if we are looking for a bite in the early afternoon here I always find myself making my way to the Writer’s Stop for a Iced Cappuccino or a Frozen Drink, Raspberry is my favorite, and while I don’t see a problem with “drinking” your lunch a sweet treat here is also a really good idea from the Carrot Cake Cookie to cupcakes you can’t go wrong!

Now I may take a little backlash on this pick but we really like the Sci-Fi Cafe for a sit down lunch here at the studios! The inside cant be beat for the decor’ coming in from the mid-day heat to a dark, cool place and you get to eat in a car! That all aside the food while not gourmet hits the spot! The milkshakes here are creamy & smooth and the appetizers with choices like Spinach and Artichoke Dip can be lunch all by themselves! If your more in the mood for a sandwich the Smoked Turkey is always my choice, the Avocado Mayonnaise makes this a lip-smacking good choice!

Epcot~ My beloved Epcot, where to even start here? This is a Disney Foodies paradise!! The choices here a many and by most accounts all good! So this one kept me thinking for while, because lets face it you can have anything here from Fish & Chips to Falafel and anything in between! We almost always do counter service lunches here just because of the endless choices, we have even all split up and went to different countries got lunch met up and all shared a little, now that my foodie friends is a perfect lunch!! But alas I finally came to a decision… Tangierine Cafe gets the nod, the Shawarma Platters are a taste sensation you just can’t find anywhere! I do the Chicken & Lamb combo since I can’t pick just one but I think my favorite part is the fresh Moroccan bread…Yum-O sums that up just fine!! I will say I tried for the first time the Moroccan Kefta Sandwich and I will be back for that for sure!

Sitting down for an afternoon lunch here in Epcot is a great way to try places with a little lesser cost~ When I started to write this Disney Foodie Series I knew what I was going to put here…La Hacienda de San Angel we stopped here for a lighter lunch and was happy with our choices from the starter portion of the menu. Taquiza – taco trio ~ beef taco with chipotle salsa, roasted chicken taco with salsa Verde  and Chilorio (marinated pork)taco all yummy! We also had and shared the Botana – chicken tostada, Chilorio sope (marinated pork), and cheese empanada,  and of course Margaritas! This is a great way to try a new place and not be stuffed all day, and with so many great items throughout the World Showcase this is a perfect way to pace yourself! 😉

DTD~ Earl of Sandwich is always busy and there is a reason great sandwiches  We have been here quite few times and I always try something different…until I had the Caprese!! This was not something I would normally pick but one afternoon I was so hot and just not myself so for whatever reason I choose this and BAM I was loving the mozzarella, tomatoes,  fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette that it was a tried and true favorite from that point on!

Shopping is hard work and sitting down in a nice cool place and having a bite to eat will give a second to shop some more! So again we have been thrilled with what is on the appetizer menu at Planet Hollywood! We have done dinner here and enjoyed it quite a bit, but when wanting something a little smaller for lunch we went with the VIP Platter – it has Chicken Crunch, Buffalo Wings, Texas Tostados and Spinach dip big enough to share and it hit the spot! If you are going to have lunch as your big meal of the day then I strongly suggest the LA Lasagna.- A friend told me to give this a try and she was not kidding this is one of those “are you kidding me” type of meals! They basically put fill pasta tubes with Lasagna and deep fry them, yes kids deep fry them! Yes it is as enjoyable as you are imagining it to be! Oh and they cover it with a garlic cream sauce, yeah you might want to nap after having lunch here 😉

Resorts~ Now I think wherever you stay you more than likely visit your quick serve/food court area at least once. It also seems that each resort has things that others do not and people will travel to certain resorts just to pick up said things like…Beignets and Muffalettas from POFQ, Zebra Domes and Flatbreads from Mara, and this is a great way to see and visit different resorts, check them out and grab a quick bite to eat!

There is one place that it seems every Disney Foodies strives to get to…Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort! The Kitchen Sink is a big draw for lots of people just as all ice cream specialty’s served here are, but keep focused people we are here for lunch 😉 Wait… who am I kidding you’re in Disney and its perfectly fine to have Ice Cream for lunch! So order up the Kitchen Sink, The No Way Jose or my decadent pick the Milky Way Sundae if that’s what your heart desires! But…if it lunch you really want then come here and have a burger! Bacon Angus Beef Burger is one of my favorites and the Onion Rings here, well I have came here just for them and ice cream, yep they are that good!!

Well my foodie friend that is our Lunch wrap up! Stay tuned for the Dinner portion of our Disney Foodie Series!!

Pixie Dust Sprinkles,


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