Disney Food Confession – Bobotie

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Where to Find it: At Boma, over at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

What is it: An authentic African dish consisting of a spiced, minced meat, which is usually pork or beef, and baked with an egg topping.

Why you’ve got to have it: Well, to be honest, I don’t really have any “got to have” dishes at Disney.  However, listen to this, and maybe you will decide to try it.  For those that don’t know, I absolutely detest eggs!  I almost never get them unless my host offers them to me, and even then I only get a small portion.  When I saw the Bobotie at Boma when we went, I really thought that the top coating was actually some sort of cornbread topping.  The golden brown color, the thickness, the meat underneath, I really thought it was cornbread.So, as I grabbed a serving, and started eating it, it didn’t even occur to me — until I had eaten about half of it — that I wasn’t eating cornbread.  I was eating eggs.  But you know what? The dish tasted good.  The only thing I wish it had was a little more spice to it, maybe a dash or two of Texas Pete — but then it probably wouldn’t be African cuisine.

Photo Credit: Special thanks to AJ at the Disney Food Blog for the photo!

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