Disney Fan Creates Unique Outfits Out of Her Sons Favorite Disney Princess Costumes

Disney Fan Creates Unique Outfits Out of Her Sons Favorite Disney Princess Costumes. We love seeing inspired DisneyBounds but this Momma has made the extra effort to help her son dress like his favorite Disney characters, the Disney Princesses. Jolene Vargas noticed from a very young age her son, Nickson, loved watching the Disney Princess movies.

Photo Credit: Jolene Vargas

“When he was 9 or 10 months old, we’d have Netflix on and we’d put on a different variety of movies, but he would start pointing out ‘Moana,'” Jolene said of Nickson when he was an infant. “It was actually pretty funny because if I tried to put anything else on, he would almost like, just scream.”

Photo Credit: Jolene Vargas

Jolene shared that once Nickson began to talk he would ask for the Princesses by name when shopping for toys at the store and what solidified his love for the Disney gals was a meet and greet with Vanellope from Wreck-It-Ralph during a meet and greet at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

Photo Credit: Jolene Vargas

The Vargas family are frequent visitors to Disneyland and Nickson enjoys getting to visit with the Princesses while at the parks. “He walked up to [the Disney Princesses] like he knew them. It was just really cool to see this shy boy open up. Now, when we go to Disneyland, that’s the mandatory stop,” Jolene shared with Insider. “We have to stop to see the princesses first.”

Photo Credit: Jolene Vargas

Jolene also shared that soon Nickson wanted to dress like the Disney Princesses but wasn’t a fan of the dresses themselves and shared, “It started off with Elsa. My husband actually went and just got him the Elsa dress from Walmart. Believe it or not, he just didn’t really care for the dress part,” Jolene said of Nickson’s reaction to the costume.

“He wanted to dress like Elsa, but he wasn’t interested in wearing the dress. So I went in and just altered it, so it’d be a little more comfortable for him,” Jolene said of her creative solution to turn the dress into a vest and shorts for Nickson.

Photo Credit: Jolene Vargas

So how does Jolene feel about her sons interest in the Disney Princesses? “It was a no-brainer. We just said it’s so cool we can go to the toy store and just let him do what he wants to do.” Jolene also says her and her husband receives a lot of hate online for supporting her sons interests and from folks who do not agree with their parenting style.

“I don’t shame him for liking it because I’d be telling my son that admiring a strong woman is a weak thing to do. I like that they’re strong, and I like that they have messages of being kind and forgiving.”

“[The Disney Princesses] have these characteristics that you want anybody to follow and to be a fan of. So the fact that they’re women should not really matter.”

Photo Credit: Jolene Vargas

“I want to teach my son that people who bully are people who are bullied, too. It’s coming from a place of them being hurt and them not being treated well themselves. So don’t take it so personally when someone is saying something bad about you. Just try your best to brush it off and ignore it you know,” she shared.

We believe Disney characters are for everyone to enjoy no matter their age, ethnicity, and gender. That is the wonderful thing about Disney. Disney is for everyone. We also love seeing the way Jolene has helped her son to enjoy his favorite characters in a creative fashion. Be sure to check back here at Chip and Co. for all things Disney!

Featured Photo Credit: Jolene Vargas

Source: Insider

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