Disney Dreamers Academy Now Accepting Applications For 2020

The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disney Dreamers Academy, with the help of Essence magazine, is now offering students a chance to brighten their futures! Now through October 31st, high school students from all over the United States can apply for a chance at this amazing opportunity.

Disney Dreamers Academy Now Accepting Applications For 2020

The Disney Dreamers Academy helps 100 high school students from ages 13-19 get a head start on their futures. the academy uses the space of the Walt Disney World as a physical learning experience. The students will be able to attend workshops and seminars that will encourage them to achieve their goals and follow their dreams. Students will learn effective communication, leadership, and networking skills and so much more.

The dreamers will get to hear from celebrity guest speakers, such as Steve Harvey. They will also get to hear from other inspirational guest speakers and cast members. Then, through the academy’s “Be 100” campaign, the dreamers will get to hear from graduates of the program and see how they have achieved their dreams. Graduates have gone on to become doctors, engineers, pilots and more.

All aspiring dreamers have to do is answer essay questions about their hopes for the future. Dreamers will be chosen based on their displays of character and determination. Once selected, students will get to take a four day all expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World in 2020. Students will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Do you know someone who would benefit from the Disney Dreamers Academy? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Walt Disney World News

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111 thoughts on “Disney Dreamers Academy Now Accepting Applications For 2020

  1. How can my daughter apply for this opportunity? She has talked about becoming a Disney cast member for many years. She is a current Sophomore in high school and a talented flute player. She plays in her school’s marching band, concert band as well as their Symphonic band. She is a believer in the magic of Disney.

  2. I believe that my son CJ would be an excellent candidate for this opportunity. He is a current senior in high school, and a very talented singer, trumpet player, and active actor in the theater department at his school as well as show choir, chamber choir, marching band, and other various activities. He is a hard working young man who thinks out side the box and wants to see the happiness of others happen. He also loves to discover the “magic” within the dreams of others. He is an amazing candidate for this opportunity.

  3. My daughter would love this opportunity. All she does is talk about working in animation. She loves Disney and being that we live in FL always talks about how amazing to be a Disney animator as her future career.Where can we apply?

  4. My daughter who is almost 15 would benefit from this. She wants to come and live in Florida when she graduates for the warmer weather. I think this would give her some great ideas.

  5. This would be perfect for my 15 year old daughter. She is a very talented and ambitious young girl who dreams of being a Disney doctor. In fact we will be visiting DW next week!

  6. My daughter had talked about working at Disney for years. She’s 16. I think she would love this opportunity.

  7. Yes, absolutely! My son would love to apply. He is 15 and the most dedicated, driven and hard working individual I know.

  8. My son Trent Lewis has dreamed of working as an imagineer for Disney since he was very young. We are from Ohio and started coming to Disney world when he was four years old. We have come every year since then except two. He is now 15 and currently ranked 1st in his class. He has never wavered from his dream of designing/building for Disney some day. He would love this opportunity!

  9. My daughter Payton was born with an extremely rare life threatening condition and was given little hope of survival. Not only did she survive, she thrives because of her enthusiasm and love of life. She works diligently at her school work, volunteers to do tasks around the house because she wants to learn how to run a household, and looks for ways to be involved at church and in our small community. As a high school junior, she has risen to the challenge of mentoring younger children who have her same medical condition, even encouraging distraught parents of these newly diagnosed children. Payton wants a career in the medical field and your program sounds like an excellent opportunity for her to learn skills that could help her achieve her goals.

  10. My daughter is 16, & going to be a junior in high school. She is hard working, & dedicated to everything she puts her mind to. She has a 10 year history of competitive cheer, & currently runs cross country & is on the cheer team for her high school. She excels in the classroom as well. She has grown into a beautiful, independent young lady…as I am a full time, working mother. We have been to Disney together, & even as a young teen, she still gets teary eyed, when it’s time to return home. She doesn’t know this program of yours exists, & I know it would be a chance For her to uncover her “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow “.

  11. My 16 year old stitch obsessed daughter would love this! Shes a National Honor Society student. Placed 3rd in our state HOSA competition and wants to be a pediatric cardiologist.

  12. My Lauraleigh loves spending time with the elderly at my work. She also is an excellent drawing artist. She loves Disney and she loves Anime. It is her dream one day to become an anime artist and digital artist for movies,amine and or video games. How do we sign her up?

  13. This sounds like an amazing program. My son is 16 and will be junior this year and we would love to learn more about The Disney Dreamers Program.

  14. I would love for my daughter to have a wonderful opportunity to hear from people about different opportunities and experience

  15. My daughter Desirea will be a junior in high school this year and would absolutely love this and could benefit from this program. I would love more information on this.

  16. My grand daughter is a senior this year. She is an excellent artist and dreams of being a Disney animator

  17. I am interested in learning more because I have a nephew who is very involved with theatre, etc, which he would like to pursue in college, and has always had a passion for Disney. As a Vacation Club owner for over 25+ years, he called the Disney Vacation Club properties his “Disney Home”. I think he would benefit from this program.

  18. What a wonderful opportunity this is……..my High school sophomore daughter is interested in learning more about this opportunity. She is an outgoing individual and loves to increase her knowledge base as well as enjoys networking with others to learn and grow. We would love to have application information, Thank you.

  19. I would like to receive information on the application process please for my daughter. She is a senior this year and very dedicated to her studies. Her dream is to become a teacher. She has wonderful grades and has taken dual enrollment college courses while in high school.

  20. Our daughter would love a chance at this. She would be so appreciative of this opportunity. She has had her career path chosen for a long time and every year she gets closer to making her dreams come true.

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity!!

  21. My daughter Taylor more thanspent half her life with her father deployed. Now she helps in his care and support with her dad and his PTSD.

  22. My daughter Maria, is the biggest fan of Disney from 7 years old. We have not been allowed to vacation anywhere else only disney. She would love to have this opportunity.

  23. My son loves all things Disney and this would be a wonderful opportunity for him. Please send me the information and application! Thanks

  24. My son would love this opportunity. He graduates in 2020 with a 3.5+ GPA. His major is going to business and would love to hear how others learned to network, push through the negative world and became who they are now. How do you apply?

  25. Katie cafek my niece would grow and achieve so much from such a wonderful program
    Please give her the opportunity to show what she has to offer the world
    Thank you

  26. How do you apply for this? It would be amazing for my youngest brother who is 17. He is so talented and has built his own pc, can draw, and had even entered different art competitions. This would be an amazing opportunity for him.

  27. My daughter which is a junior this year! Wants to go to Disneyworld for her a Graduation would love the opportunity and a chance to apply! Thanks for give people the opportunity for this!

  28. Hello…What an amazing opportunity this would be for my 15 year old son. We just moved to Orlando, and he’s already asked me about applying. A very close friend of mine worked at Disney via the college program, and has nothing but great things to say. 😊

  29. My daughter would really benefit from this. She loves Disney just as much as I do and she wanted to attend the college program Disney has to offer but after researching the information she decided to give up on that dream feeling she couldn’t get in. She’s really hard on herself and has recently decided that she wasn’t going to go to college, she’s always wanted to become a doctor and now she says it would just be to hard. Could I please have more information.

  30. Hello, This would be an amazing opportunity for my son and daughter. Both love everything Disney! Can I please have additional information. Thank you!

  31. I would like to nominate my son’s Wyatt and Joseph for this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow through The Disney Steamers Academy.

  32. My 17 year old son would absolutely love this kind of opportunity. He has been involved in theatre since he was 10 years old. Since his first visit to Disney World it has always been his dream to work an internship at Disney as part of his University education. Unfortunately, we live in Canada not the United States. Is there anything like this for students from Canada?

  33. I think this program would be very beneficial for my 16 year old son. He has been dealing with a lot the past few years and this would help tremendously! He is a huge fan of Disney! Thank you

  34. I have a 15 yr old son Michael. He is a 10th grade student. He loves Disney. He would love an opportunity to go thru this program. He has overcome a lot of thingsvin his life like being diagnosed as a Typec1 Diabetic at age 4. And he still sees values in learning and dreaming

  35. Hello. My daughter is 14 and may be interested in this. I think it would be an amazing opportunity as well. How do we apply or can we have more information on this please and thank you.

  36. What a great opportunity!! My daughter, Hannah, has always been inspired by Disney. She would love this. Looking forward to details!

  37. My daughter Antonella. She is a smart, sweet girl who loves to do for others. She thinks about how others are being treated. While she has to deal with hardships herself. This would help her to overcome the decision of what she would like to do in her life.

  38. My daughter Abby is one of the most driven young ladies I’ve ever known! And she loves all things Disney. I’m positive she would love the opportunity to participate in this program! How does she apply? Thank you in adv for your assistance!

  39. My daughter Abby is one of the most driven young ladies I’ve ever known! And she loves all things Disney! I’m certain she would love the opportunity to participate in this program.
    How does she apply? Thanks for the assistance!

  40. My daughter Leia would love to participate in this program. She is a senior in high school with a goal of becoming a nurse. She is dual enrolled this year and is a scholar athlete.

  41. My daughter is interested and would love to learn more about this amazing opportunity and how to get started. Thank you.

  42. My daughter would love this opportunity. She has excellent grades and has participated in the color/winter gueard for the past 3 years and this will be her final year of high school. She is now working a part time job on top of all her responsibilities. I sam super proud of of her strong work ethic.

  43. My daughter Gina Enchanted dreams of this opportunity she loves all Disney she is a hard worker she volunteers for Just 4 Kicks! Gina is a great student and an all around great daughter and friend! You won’t be disappointed!!!! Please send us more information to apply. Good luck to all students that apply no matter what this is a great opportunity.

  44. My great niece would be a wonderful candidate for the Disney Dreamers Program. She will be 15 in January 2020. She is an A student since 3rd grade, takes AP courses, is an athlete and will be a future leader in any profession she chooses

  45. This would be such a wonderful opportunity for my 15 year old daughter. Please let me know how she can apply. Thanks for all of your help in advance!

  46. My 13 year old daughter is so Tinkerbell it’s not funny! This would be a great opportunity for her!

  47. My daughter would love to apply. Her dream is to go to Disney and to be able to go to school would be an honor.

  48. Both of my sons ages 13 & 17 would love the opportunity! I’d like more information about application please.

  49. My daughter is a senior this year and my son is a sophomore. They would love to hear more about this. Our entire family LOVES Disney!!!!!

  50. My son is going into high school this year (age 14) and loves all things Disney. He has big dreams of someday working for Disney and being able to provide magical experiences much like he says he always has when going to Disney. This would be
    perfect for him because he wants to change the World for the better and this would help him.

  51. I’m a teacher in Lecanto Florida. As advisor to a Dramatic Arts club, am often tasked with teaching leadership and public speaking. I have a few students that would benefit from becoming a Disney Dreamer.

  52. I have a 15 year old who is outgoing with big dreams. She has hopes of becoming a business owner working closely with animals.

  53. Both of my children would LOVE this! My son is into robotics and engineering and my daughter loves drawing and animation. How can they apply?

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