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    Cool idea! I’ve just used a cork bulletin board, but this is nicer looking. Thanks!

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    Vicki Stephens

    I started pin trading in 2005, and only trade for ones that I really like – there’s just no way to collect every pin! For a while I collected the completer/chaser pins instead of entire sets, plus any pin I couldn’t pass up. Now all my pins are displayed on cork boards hanging in my hallway. That way I can see them every day and still be surprised at night by the ones that glow in the dark! When I get ready to pin trade I take pictures of my pin boards with me so I don’t trade for the same pins I already have!

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    Tara Wolfe Ken Wolfe

    My 9 yr old son is a Disney pin collector. He wasn’t happy keeping them on lanyards or in bags. So I made him a banner, like the kind hanging in a castle….all in Mickey fabric, or course 🙂

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