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  4. 3

    Jess Ica D

    You have to put some sort of sealer on them after all the Mod Podge layers. I learned that the hard way. The condensation from your cups will make the Mod Podge “alive” again and you will get a white sticky circle. I used the stuff you put on decks (I can’t remember the name for some reason). I got a little can of it from Lowe’s for like $8. Now I don’t have that problem

  5. 2

    Corrie Cvikel

    Awesome thought!!!! And easy enough for a child to help. Now I know what my 8 year old son can make for his Disney loving God Mother for her upcoming birthday! Thank you!

  6. 1

    Loretta Garcia

    love this – going to Home Depot / Lowes tomorrow and working on these this weekend. Thanks 🙂

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