Disney Dining Tastes SO Good: Gaston’s Tavern Cinnamon Rolls

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cinnamon roll Gaston's Tavern

Y’all, if sticky and gooey is wrong…well, I don’t want to be right!  This morning, as I’m typing this post, I’m coming off of a 20 minute search for the perfect Disney Dining Breakfast.  After the continuous quest for what I was hungry for (that is my everlasting longing for Disney World) wasn’t quenched with my bowl of granola topped fruit, I realized that what I really wanted—-scratch that—– what I craved was the delectable confection found under the antler clad halls of Gaston’s Tavern.  (whew…that was a LONG, packed sentence–sorry okay, not sorry).  So, today I figure that if my tastes buds can’t actually be satisfied by a cinnamon roll the size of my head, at least my thoughts can!  That’s why I’m bring at you, something that I think tastes SO good!  Today we’re cyber noshing on pure sugary goodness!  Let’s roll!

Indulge with me if you will…You’ve just walked Down Main Street USA and made your way into the New Fantasyland area and you stumble across the ever-so vain statue of a fully flexing Gaston.  The air is thick with the aromas of cinnamon laced sugar and yeast.  The moment you smell it you’re drawn in.  You enter the Tavern and your eyes are fixed on the glory, the splendor, THE pastry of your dreams (okay, so maybe it’s a cinnamon roll, but it’s not just any cinnamon roll) it’s a magical cinnamon roll that begs to be eaten by you.  Calories, move over, you’ve got to get your hands on one of these rolls.

The considerate side of you would say share, but everybody knows the sweet tooth is louder!  Don’t share that thing!  So what, if you eat so much that you get sick, it doesn’t really matter!  It’ll be the best sugar rush you’ve EVER had!  Let yourself unwind in the swirling layers of this divine delicacy!  The soft dough is served up warm and ready to devour.  Grab a coffee or a LeFou’s Brew and get ready to enter into a dangerous land.  A land where you’re writing paragraphs on a random Saturday morning in June, all about a cinnamon roll. I need an intervention…who are we kidding, I need some Disney World!!!

I hope that my fellow Disney World cinnamon roll lovers will appreciate this post.  Maybe you’re able to eat one today in the parks, maybe you’re just enjoying the computer version.  No matter how you’re enjoying this creation that I’m craving, I hope that we’ll all be able to satisfy this hunger soon!  Share with us below your favorite Disney World pastry, who knows, you might just see it show up here on a “Tastes SO Good” post!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

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