New Disney Developments – Star Wars Land & Marvel Land coming to Disneyland?



Recently in the Walt Disney Shareholder meeting our friend Bob Iger released some interesting details on some of the changes coming to the Disney theme parks. Star Wars land is probably one of the hottest items out there along with adding Marvel to the theme parks. We are going to take a look at some of the highlights from the shareholders meeting.

First off Disney CEO Bob Iger discussed that there is room for a “Star Wars Land” at Disneyland. I know many of you feared that they would get rid of the classic Nemo attraction in order to make room for “Star Wars Land”, well he confirmed that Nemo will keep swimming, for now.

However he did hint that that something new may be coming along:

“We are looking at opportunities for Marvel and ‘Star Wars,’” Iger said. “You can expect that there’s more ahead for Disneyland.”

Does this mean that Disney will be doing more with Marvel at the US theme parks? I hope so…

In other “Star Wars” news, Iger also revealed that “Star Wars: Episode VII,” will be set 30 years after “Return of the Jedi” — part 6 of what will eventually be a 9 part series. This movie is set for release in 2015. Stay tuned for more details from our resident nerd Patrick as he has more juice details to share.

Finally Just in case you haven’t heard yet, there will also be sequels to Cars and The Incredibles movies. I don’t know about you but I hope Disney does a good job on the Incredibles. Like they did for Toy Story 3.

Wow that was a bunch of Disney, Star Wars, Marvel News wrapped all in one post. Whew!

If you want to read his address to the shareholders check out the pdf below.

2014-bob iger shareholder

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