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Recently Disney launched Descendants, the official mobile game inspired by the hit Disney Channel movie, Disney’s Descendants, available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. In Descendants, fans can create their own unique Descendants character and then join Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and more of their favorite characters for a wickedly fun adventure in the world of Descendants. As they play, fans will be able to experience all the iconic locations from the movie from Isle of the Lost and Auradon, such as the Gallery of Villains and Tourney Field.

Players will start the game by creating their own stylish avatar with more than 450 pieces of clothing and accessories inspired by the movie. As players unlock iconic locations in the game, they will discover fun quests like organizing school parties with Mal and tailoring costumes with Evie for a play. Players will collect special rewards along the way that will raise school spirit and help grow their ‘Legendary’ status.

I recently downloaded the game thinking it would be a fun little mindless pastime and was surprised to find it was actually a really intricate, fun game that is great for all ages. The one thing I loved about this game was the amount of choices you have for outfits and hair as well as skin color. I love that all kids can feel included because there is definitely a combination that they could formulate that would look just like them or however they want their character to look. I also love the amount of fun punk like alternative styles are in the game as it adds a certain flair and fun to the characters. For example you could pick to have half of your character’s head shaved in the game or even to have pink hair which adds an extra amount of fun to the game.
I also love that the game had no glitches as far as I could tell other than a few minor details like the same reminder popping up every time you open the game even if you’ve read it before, though I’m sure that will be fixed in the next update of the game. Overall it’s a wonderful game that is most definitely appropriate for all ages to play and have fun with.

Game activities include:

Style showcase: Players can create their own unique character and stand out from the crowd with millions of fashionable combinations, from stylish Auradon preppy to edgy Isle style.

Exciting missions: As they progress through the game, players can organize school parties with Mal, tailor costumes with Evie for a play, and unveil more exciting quests with the help of the coolest students at Auradon Prep.

Be legendary: Players can collect special rewards along the way to raise school spirit and grow their ‘Legendary’ status.

Explore Auradon: Ride on Ben’s scooter to travel between locations and uncover iconic areas such as the Tourney Field, Gallery of Villains, Carnival Grounds and many more.

Overall Grade A-
Disney’s Descendants is now available for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Store, and Amazon Appstore.

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