Say goodbye to unhealthy snack items at the Disney Parks

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Say goodbye to unhealthy snack items at the Disney Parks

Hey there guys and gals Anonymouse here.

I am sure by now many of you have read how Michelle Obama has talked with Bob Iger at Disney on changing the way we advertise foods to our children.  If not you can read it here.

But did you know it goes beyond that??

According to ABC not only is Disney going to change it’s advertising ways they are also going to be scrapping some of the unhealthy food options at Disney World and Disneyland.

Fast-food options at theme parks and resorts will be replaced with alternatives such as apples or vegetables.

Disney chefs provided examples of the cuisine today that will a place in the parks and resorts, including as smoothies and quinoa. Even the big boss himself — Mickey Mouse — took part. Donning a huge white chef’s hat, the man-sized rodent advertised a Swiss breakfast cereal of oats and yogurt.

But when asked whether treats such as Mickey Mouse ice cream would remain available for purchase, Mr. Mouse gave a silent but emphatic thumbs up.

Iger was quick to note that ice cream, fries and what he called “celebratory foods” would remain on the menu, but would be a distinct minority and no longer the default choice.

No word as of yet if treats like the Marble Cupcake above or some of the calorie rich food items that Chip has on his 100 Disney Foods to Eat Before you Die Challenge will be taken off the menu at the parks.

This makes me quite mad!!!!

While healthy food options are good don’t get me wrong I don’t think the government Michelle Obama needs to be involved in those choices. Disney should present them to us the parents and then it should be up to us to decide if we do or do not want our children to eat them.

Next you have the potential removal of the yummy one of a kind snack items that can only be found at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. I don’t know about you but when I goto Disney World I am on vacation. If I want to wake up and have a cupcake at Starring Rolls I should be free to do so. If I want to load my kids up on sugar for breakfast then I am the one who has to deal with their sugar high that morning. The choice should be there and up to the adult to decide what they want to do.

To start taking away the food items I love in the name of Health seems crazy. We live in a free country. We should have the freedom to choose what we want to eat. Don’t even get me started on banning pop in NYC. That right there is a road we do not want to go down. IMO.

Anyway I am done ranting for now. Lets see where these changes go and what if any food items get removed from the Disney Menus. What do you think about these potential changes coming to the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comment box below.

Anywho that is all the Disney Gossip I have right now. For my past Gossip articles be sure to check them out here.

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Say goodbye to unhealthy snack items at the Disney Parks


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21 thoughts on “Say goodbye to unhealthy snack items at the Disney Parks

  1. Anonymouse you are either uninformed or a republican. Yes, Disney is going to do the healthy advertisement on the Disney Channel, however, they are not getting rid of Disney World snacks.

  2. I hope Disney offers the healthy options, keeps the “unhealthy” options, then lets the market decide. If visitors prefer the “unhealthy” treats and don’t buy the healthy options, then that’s what Disney should offer. It is a free market and I doubt Disney takes any government money for their food operations, so please keep your hands off. Let Michelle Obama and the government go mess around with school lunches some more (especially now that my kids are out of high school!) since kids eat those every day most of the year, and leave the rest of my food alone!

  3. As much walking as we do in the park each day, I think we will walk off the calories. I am so tired of the government thinking they can dictate everything we do. It is vacation for heavens sake which means it isn’t something done on a regular basis. I work hard and when I feel like getting away, I want to do something fun and indulge in something I wouldn’t normally do.

  4. I agree that the government should not be telling us what to eat in any way. This is a free country. We will have to see how Disney decides to enforce it. I saw it on TV and was really upset. I think they should add more healthy items but leave the other stuff as options also and not just take it away. The whole idea of taking away everything they consider bad for you is ridiculous. Disney alreay has so many healthy items in almost every food place now. Some of us adults eat off the child menu sometimes. I guess they forget about that.

  5. While I agree that one of the best things ever is a cinnamon roll from Main Street for lunch; I do hope that they continue to add healthy options ALONG with the less healthy options that we all love.

  6. Surely this can’t be true! Big brother telling us what to eat at Disney??! Excuse me? Who do these folks think they are? Last time I checked this was still (barely) a free country. These snacks make Disney a lot of money so I’m having a hard time believeing this one. Never thought my love of Disney could become a political issue. Maybe we need a different First Lady.

  7. My wife has been saying since the DP eliminated the appetizer for the TS meals to offer the option of a soup/salad app or dessert. We are not a sweets family and can only eat so many.

  8. I agree with you. It IS up to the parents. I am all for eating healthy, But I enjoy a sweat here and there and if I am on vacation expecialy in Disney, I will eat a treat if I want to. We just went to Diseny in May, my daughter is 4 yrs old and had Mickey waffles every morning but ate healthy the rest of the day with the exception of a cookie or rice krispie micky. And that was my choise to give it to her. No one should have the right to tell us how to eat. There should be options and let us choose what we want.

  9. I am by no means a health nut, but I did find myself wanting a larger variety of healthier options for myself and my family during our trip. Perhaps we should look at it this way: there’s a limit to how much can be offered, and if some particularly high fat, high sugar, high sodium items have to go to make way for better-for-you options, I’m ok with that. And can’t we promote the healthier foods in fun ways to children just as we have traditionally done with the unhealthy foods?

    BTW: I did eat tons of treats (Mickey bars and cupcakes from Main St. Bakery, anyone?) while on our trip, but also made smarter decisions about portions and types of foods. It was still delicious, and I was surprised when I got back that I had LOST 7 lbs. Totally unexpected on a Disney trip with all that temptation!

  10. I LOVE Disney and indulging in an extra treat IS part of the fun of the vacation. However, I think this is a GOOD move, so long as the keep the unhealthy options available for others who want to choose them. I agree that parents should be allowed to choose, but the problem is that too MANY parents automatically go with the unhealthy options and THAT is part of the reason why obesity is an issue. Fries are an automatic side in America. It’s been drilled into our heads. We DO eat extremely unhealthy and we don’t even realize it because it’s automatic and unconscious! What if the automatic side were carrots? Grapes? Apples? We are trying to PROMOTE healthy eating, not demand it. By AUTOMATICALLY offering healthy sides, we as a country are sending the right message- that meals should be HEALTHY and sides and extra’s should be treats, not the other way around.

    I applaud Disney for making this choice to make their parks fun, enjoyable and healthy. So long as they keep the yummy “not so healthy” treats as possible substitutes then I am A-OK with this move!

  11. Keep the politics out of the parks…and out of my home.I feel that the government has been sticking it’s nose in our business a little too much lately and I don’t think they have any business telling us how and what to feed our children or ourselves.
    Given the option my daughter picks milk over juice or soft drink by her own choice or grapes/apples or carrots over cookies sometimes.I think that if you are on vacation then if you want to let you kids have full reign of what they eat then that’s your business not anyone else’s.
    I understand it’s an ‘option’ but why is it that it’s taken Michelle Obama pushing her ‘get healthy’ lifestyle on Disney for them to see it needed to be done ?? Unless it has to do with the family visiting Disney and the publicity that came from them being there…

  12. If ” the powers that be” really want to do something about obesity in America they should work to make whole foods more affordable to the general public. The idea that my choices must be limited for me or my children to be healthy is ridiculous. Fortunately we live in a fairly rural area where truly fresh produce is easily and cheaply available, but that’s not the case for many Americans. It’s the everyday foods that contribute to bad health and I don’t eat treats at Disney or eat out at all for that matter, often enough for it to count!

  13. A quote from the article clearly states
    “According to ABC not only is Disney going to change it’s advertising ways they are also going to be scrapping some of the unhealthy food options at Disney World and Disneyland.”

    I live in NNY, right on the St. Lawrence River. I visit Canada regularly and have many Canadian friends and I see no difference in the size of the people in Canada compared to those here in America. We up here in NY also love hockey just as much (GO CANUCKS!).

    Though, like you I do doubt that high calorie items will be completely removed off of the menus. I think the upset is from the threat that certain favorites MAY be removed off menus. My husband and I are careful with what we eat and exercise regularly. When we go to Disney, we definitely treat ourselves to a cupcake for dessert or a caramel dipped apple for a late night snack @ EPCOT.

    I know that Americans won’t be the only ones upset if there are items removed, but because Disney World is in AMERICA that’s where most of the uproar is going to come from.

  14. I don’t know… they already have some of this in place. Like you order a kids meal it lists the sides and drinks available and down below in very small print it says cookie and soft drink available on request. You could still get them they just weren’t hilighted as the top choice.

  15. I don’t understand how anyone has read about this and come to the conclusion that they are taking away the “bad for you” foods? The fries will still be there as options for the kids, and I guarantee that not a single bad thing will be taken off any menus. Rather, they’re adding a lot of healthy options and making them default. People are that upset about having to ask for fries for you kids? This seems like a GREAT idea for me! Maybe it’s because I’m not American? My company has a UK employee being trained here for a few months (I live in Canada) and he mentioned the other day that all he knew about Canada was that we’re similar to Americans except we like hockey and we’re “not all fat like Americans are”. I told him that this isn’t exactly true (well, except for the hockey thing haha) but it is articles like this and the angry comments that lead the rest of the world to view Americans like that and think that they all feed their kids sugary, fried, unhealthy foods. I KNOW this isn’t true, and I’m sure going to eat my fair share of cupcakes and ice cream on my next trip myself, but I don’t see why everyone isn’t embracing adding healthy options. You can still get your kids all the fries they want while they’re on vacation, no one is taking away your freedoms.

  16. I agree with angeltink and actually like the idea. I was just at Disney with an extended family of 9, on the meal plan. As you know, each quick service & table service meal includes dessert. The default “dessert” is just that, sweet sugary dessert. We often asked to substitute yogurt or grapes or even carrots/celery (equivalent “snack”) as otherwise, it’s a daily sugar rush. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Disney cupcake or Mickey Mouse Ice Cream, and we certainly allowed our son to indulge in his favorite treats for his afternoon and evening snacks — but we did so after he ate a healthy meal. It will be interesting to see what this really means, but to me, it sounds like a welcome change.

  17. I am speechless! Hold on a minute now I can think…..I agree when on vacation I want to choose things that I can not get at home. That means the gigantic chocolate cupcake for dessert, the mickey mouse ice-cream, the bakery from Main Street has something sweet with my name on it! I also agree that Americans are way too overweight but it’s not from visiting Disney! Stop trying to be politically correct and leave the choices and decisions to myself and my husband about what we give to our children! I am ony speaking for myself but when I am thinking about our future vacation at Disney I start imagining what special treats I am looking forward to, it adds to the magic of a vacation only one can find at Disney!

  18. Right on! I totally agree! Just because these sweet, delicious treats are offered does not mean that we have to eat them, or feed them to our kids every time we want to eat. Having the option taken away completely is far from American. Parents need to step up, and say NO to our kids once in awhile. Maybe then the government would not feel the need to parent us all.

  19. It doesn’t matter one way or the other to me. They said you will still have the alternative foods that are high calorie it is just that they will present the good food first and if you want the less healthy choice you have to ask for it. Doesn’t sound like a big deal to me and I actually find it a good idea. If we present our kids with healthy options that will become their norm and the less healthy a choice which it should be. I highly doubt they will do away with all their specialty pastries, cupcakes and the like they will just offer a bigger choice of healthy options.

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