Disney Confidential – DVC, Dining, and John Stamos Joins the Cast of Glee

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I like the latest rumor about the Top of the World Lounge. You might remember reading here last week that the TOTWL might possibly be opened to all guests of Bay Lake Tower, not just Disney Vacation Club owners. Well, the latest news has it eventually turning into a public space, possibly a small restaurant like the California  Grill or a place that you can rent out for parties.  Talk about an amazing site for a reception or private party.I know this isn’t going to be popular with DVC owners, but the TOTWL isn’t DVC property.  Disney often re-purposes spaces that are underutilized, most recently that darling cupola-shaped room over at Boardwalk Villas.

Former Full-House star, ERalum, and hardcore Disney theme park nerd John Stamos is joining the cast of Glee.  John Stamos gets points with me for his unapologetic love of Disney parks and his ability to laugh at himself.  The fact that he’s easy on the eyes and a good actor doesn’t hurt either. Can’t wait to see what Glee’s writers have in store for him.  I hear he’ll play a germ-phobic dentist. 

And no, this picture doesn’t have anything to do with Glee.

This is probably the most important issue right now for people planning Disney trips.  Well, at least for those who like to eat.  Until you hear differently, if you have a valid reservation for a Disney resort, make your dining reservations at the 190-day mark.   Have your resort reservation number handy and put it in under “My Disney Vacation.”  Next, you’ll go to the dining reservation page.  You may have to put in the date you want to dine rather than using the calendar that they provide, but it will work.  You won’t be able to make a reservation for any earlier than 190-days, so if you’re making them at exactly the 190-mark, you’ll have to log in each subsequent day to make your ADRs.

There’s been a lot of grumbling online about this.  Those who knew about it are ecstatic because they got their ADRs.  Those who did not are understandably disappointed, to say nothing of how this affects those who are staying off site.  I’m not saying it’s fair or not, but for right now, it’s the way things are.  We have nothing defininitive from Disney on whether or not this is a glitch in the system or an actual change. Some Cast Members are telling guests that it’s a promotion to encourage online booking.  Other CMs had no idea it was going on.  I’ll keep you posted and if something changes, we’ll put it out here and on Facebook right away. 

ToTWL photo copyright RustyAlaska’s photostream on  Flickr.  Lots of gorgeous photographs.

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