Disney Confidential – Has Disney Opened a University?

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Hey there guys and gals! Guess who???? Okay guess again… Give up? Okay it is MEEEEEEEEEEE…Anonymouse and I have heard some interesting news about another part of life that Disney is dipping their toe into the pond. The Walt Disney Company has done a great job of hooking us all into their world and I personally am thankful that they share their joy…but this time they may have gone too far.

It seems they have opened up a University now…are our children of today going to be one-track minded. Yes, they are little monsters but hopefully after a nap and all…and they will grow out of it, right??? Well, thankfully, the good news is the new University is not Disney themed, then what is the connection you ask??? Well, it is Monster themed…yes, Monster University is a REAL thing (that is if you believe everything you read on the Internet or from Chimp Chip). But, even if you are skeptical of the Internet and Chip (which is scary if you are not…) you know what you hear from Anonymouse is only the truth as she knows it..plus I went to the website and you can too!

Visit www.monstersuniversity.com/edu to learn all about Monsters University in time for the new Monster’s Inc. Prequel coming out next year, aptly titled, Monsters Inc. 2 – Monster’s University.

This very well done and creative website will have you wishing you could go to MU or at least to the movie and bonus, you can order Monster’s University swag and if you need a hole for one head or two, then they are the place to shop! Truthfully you can order the swag, but even though it says one head or two or two, four or six arms, etc. it does not let you order them that way only the normal people way…trust me I tried.

And for those of you that have little one’s that may seem like a good fit to Monster’s University…well, you can start learning about it now.

Anywho that is all the Disney Gossip I have right now. For my past Gossip articles be sure to check them out here.

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