Disney Confidential – Disney Gargoyles Movie, Marvel Runaways, and More

Hello Ladies and Gents, Anonymouse here delivering you the best in Disney Gossip.

I have for you a little movie news for today:

It seems Disney has in the works a live action movie revolving around their classic animated series Gargoyles from the 90’s. Nothing is written as of yet and there is no news on who will play in this movie, but as more details be released I am sure Chip or myself will post it.

Note – You can still catch Gargoyles on Disney XD very early in the morning so if you missed it back in the 90’s you could always DVR it to get an idea of what you are in for.

In Marvel Movie News, Marvel will begin production on the big screen adaptation Runaways in January 2011. They are waiting for the director Peter Sollett to get free from his other movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to begin production. I would expect to here a list of cast members coming soon.

Finally has anyone seen the banter between Edward Norton & Marvel this past week? Marvel seems to have dropped Norton from playing the Hulk in the upcoming Avengers movie and now he is whining about it. Marvel is going with smaller named actors and trying to keep costs down..Can you blame them in this economic times?

I mean look at me I am having to consolidate 3 articles in one just to save the webspace..

Haha just kidding.

Well thats all I got for now!

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