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    Kevin Packard

    Man they just can’t get it together with Epcot. Inside Out was a great movie, but they need to focus on timelessness in their attractions rather than trying to capitalize on pop culture fads. Who runs these parks? It’s absurd. The majority of the overhauls and replacements they’ve done have just made things worse.

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    You are correct. As I stated in my post, they ruined Journey into Imagination. Sure, don’t fix it. Get rid of it. Hey, what was the last Goofy or Donald movie your kid watched? Not as popular as Anna and Elsa. Should we phase them out too?

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    I’m 20 and had NO idea who Figment was until I went to Epcot. Children now are going and do not have a clue who Figment is, which means they are not going to be impressed by going on a slow-moving, long, smelly ride that sings a (kind of) annoying song. I love Disney just as much as the next person, but I can guarantee that the future guests of Disney will not find Journey to Imagination as classic and wondering as would someone that already does.

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    Why not update wonders of life and put inside out there? Bring back the original journey into imagination, and come up with a new 3d movie?

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    Do they not remember the revolt from removing Figment and Dreamfinder the last time? Seriously? There is so much unused space more suitable for updates… An entire pavilion is sting there! And they can move the flower & garden and food & wine events to millennium village. Problem solved! An entire Pixar Pavilion with built in expansion possibilities.

    The Imagination Pavilion should be updated to enhance the beloved non-movie related character most of us have come to know and love. Enhance our imagination, build upon it, let it grow … Don’t tear it down.

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    Seriously. Epcot is Figments park. First they destroy his ride, now they just axe it completely. Just really, do whatever. Drop in attendance despite low fuel prices should let you know just how you’re doing. Keep sending money to China. PS. The new Howard Johnsons lobby… Err I mean Polynesian lobby looks great.

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