Disney Closing Down Disney Channel Stations Around The Globe To Disney+

Disney Channel might be coming to an end in different countries around the globe very soon.

With the fast growing of subscribers to Disney+ around the world and the easy access to content including Disney Channel shows and movies, there’s no surprise people are not watching the regular channels as much as they used to.

Recently, an announcement was made on Sky Italy saying starting on May 1st, Disney Channel and Disney Junior will no longer be available on their platform.

disney channel

According to What’s On Disney+, several channels have been closing down in different countries including:

  • Italy
    • Disney Channel
    • Disney Junior
  • Australia
    • Disney Channel
    • Disney Junior
  • Germany
    • Disney XD
  • France
    • Disney XD
  • Spain
    • Disney XD
  • UK
    • Disney XD+

So with Disney+ growing up and reaching more countries around the world, it’s very likely that more Disney Channels will continue to close.

What do you think of this? Do you prefer Disney Plus or the regular Disney Channels?

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Television News / What’s On Disney Plus

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Ana Leal