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    J. Clemence Jr.

    What a joke, US$ 156.00/year… Most of Disney employees barely make US$ 13/h. Not enough even to pay the rent here in Orlando. It should be completely free because the wages are low and we already spend part of it at the parks and stores sometimes. What a shame!

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    I’ll take my guest passes. What could be done is ZERO, NONE, ZILCH NEVER have a time where cast member discounts are not applicable. No matter what day nor what time, cast members should. ALWAYS get their discounts. 20% or 35% always applies on everything except alcohol. That’s understandable.

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    Clearly it’s only a deal for those not using the other, or maybe where there is more than one cast member in the household. Not sure how giving them an option can be considered robbing them of anything.

  4. 1

    Erik Robinson

    This is the most asinine “deal” disney has ever made. How if this a fair trade off. Each disney ticket is about $100, and the disney plus subscription is a tenth of the price. This is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. Good job robbing your employees disney.

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