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    This is their way to cull the crowds. The parks are already overcrowded (and that’s before Star Wars opens) so they have been increasing everything from parking to food, and adding as many little fees as possible to price the parks out of reach for anyone below the higher middle class.

    The CEO a few years back at a stockholders meeting said that attendance dropped but profits are up. So they already knew what they were doing when they continued to increases prices.

    Disney is not the place it once was, its a huge corporate run entity that is out to make money no matter what.

    So anyone that says they are not going back I’m pretty sure they are ok with it since they can’t hold everyone as it is now but one day Disney will find out they hurt themselves when the huge fan base has dwindled and only once every 5 year guests come. That day will come.

    I went to the gold pass when they added more expensive passes. Looks like I’ll be dropping down to silver this go round. Eventually I will only grab a 4 day Florida pass once it gets higher.

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    We quit buying season passes a couple of years ago when they raised the price. We haven’t gone to Disneyland in several years. We are senior citizens and enjoyed just being there for the atmosphere. It is out of our budget now and we will enjoy remembering old times. My favorite time there was Halloween and Christmas. No more.

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    Shaye Walker

    This will definitely be my family’s last year as pass holders! Outrageous!

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    It really doesn’t matter what anybody thinks because Disney is going to do what it wants to do. Never mind that an average family can not afford to go there. Guess they only want the rich and famous.

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    Corporate greed at its finest. SMH

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    Tickets/Passes are just getting ridiculous! …. it’s a shame….. and wrong move for Disney. Guess who get hurt the most, the exact persons you target…. youth and families!!

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    Non residents getting screwed again. Thanks Disney! Turns out Greedo isn’t just in Galaxy’s Edge.

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    Guess that is what happens when there are less kids in the world to go to Disney. You have to raise prices to cover costs. Might want to rethink supporting abortions which kill off your new generations of revenue. . . 🤔🤔🤔

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    Ava Y.

    That’s astounding! They must be trying to weed some people out with those steep increases.

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    We just got annual passes two weeks ago. That price increase will make it my last! Time to find a new place to go!😠😡

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    150.00 $$$ increase for p plus, then it should come with fast pass like Universal has after 4, we pay this much and can’t even get fast passes it’s crazy, someone has to pay for all new stuff, as for Star Wars a lottery type thing big deal

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    How horrible of Disney. Like if they dont make enough money already. The one pass that is most affordable to working families was raised by 300 dollars. Shame on them. My last year buying a pass. Greedy mofos.

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    You have the silver pass price incorrect. Its 519 not 619. Thanks!

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    So in addition to excluding Silver and Gold Passholders from the Star Wars previews, they’re raising prices as well? What’s next?

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    Seriously thinking about this being my last year as a pass holder. They are just pricing themselves out of my budget

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