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Do you love Disney? What do you love the best?

Is it walking through the parks hand in hand with your little ones singing the Tiki Room song? How about sitting down on a Friday night with a bowl of popcorn and watching Frozen for the 50th time?

It doesn’t matter what makes you a Disney Addict we are just glad you are!

A few years ago the gang here at Chip and Co created a fun Facebook Group called You Might Be a Disney Addict or YMBADA. Over the years that group has grown by leaps and bounds! Fans love sharing their love of Disney with pictures, thoughts, and ideas. Also one thing we have noticed is people ask LOTS of questions. Questions about the parks, Disney products, you name it.

My admins over on Disney Addicts do an awesome job directing people where to get answers, not to mention the other Disney Addicts do a killer job helping people as well, but if you have been in the group for any length of time you see how posts will disappear due to the sheer number of posting happening at any given time.

Well I have noticed a need and came up with an idea…

Now the Disney Addicts have a home away from home… A brand new site where you can Ask us your Disney Questions and get answers from our knowledgeable staff and fellow travel agents.

We can help you with:

  • Park & Travel Related Questions
  • Disney Merchandise, Movies, and More…
  • We can even share our top pics for best places to eat or visit in the parks!

All you have to do is visit www.disneyaddicts.com at the top of the page you can ask us Your Disney Question! All questions are searchable and indexed to help you find them when you need them! I even created a new Facebook Page just for Disney Addicts.

So head on over, visit the site, and Ask us a Disney Question. There is no question too big or too small.

I hope to see you there!



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