Disney Interactive Announces ‘Cars’ Playset For ‘Disney Infinity’

Just over a month ago, I was able to give you a first hand look at Disney Interactive’s new gaming platform, ‘Disney Infinity’. Based around the same gaming platform that makes up the popular game, ‘Skylanders’, ‘Disney Infinity’ brings you into the world of your favorite Disney characters like never before. The way the platform works revolves around a series of collectible figurines, and any time you want to get a new play set for the game, you buy the new figurine, which will let you upload the play set for that character’s universe. It’s a pretty cool system, and as we learned at the ‘Infinity’ event, the opening booster set for the game will feature ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Monsters University’, and ‘The Incredibles’. But now, Disney Interactive has announced what will be one of the newest playsets for the new platform, ‘Disney Infinity: Cars’, based on the ever popular Pixar films, ‘Cars’, and ‘Cars 2’. Hit the jump for a trailer for the new play set, screen shots, and more on what to expect from ‘Disney Infinity: Cars’.

The new ‘Cars’ play set will allow players to get a chance to be some four of their favorite characters from the ‘Cars’ universe, including Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Holley Shiftwell, and Francesco Bernoulli, as you explore the world of Radiator Springs in a way you’ve never been able to before. The new ‘Cars’ play set looks to allow players a chance to customize Radiator Springs anyway they’d like, while exploring the outskirts of the town, something players haven’t ever had the chance to do in any previous ‘Cars’ game before. Players will also be able to race through the town, while doing gravity defying stunts,  in the new stunt park within the game. This set will give your toy box some new and exciting features, such as racing/driving mechanics to build new worlds, including race tracks, creating new race tracks, and more. This set will also give you a chance to let characters like Lightning and Mater interact with Sully, Mike, Jack Sparrow, and all the new Disney characters for the first time ever, giving fans a chance to have the ultimate crossover with their favorite characters, something I’m sure many of the players will have always dreamed of. And for the record, if they ever have a ‘Ducktales’ and ‘TaleSpin’ play sets added to the game, I’ll very much want to crossover Scrooge McDuck and his nephews with Baloo and Kit. That’s something I’ve always wanted to see, so Disney Interactive, please give me that chance!

So far, I’m very impressed with what ‘Disney Infinity’ has to offer, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the platform works when it launches. I really can’t wait to fully delve into the game and system, getting to really explore the universes of this different Disney and Pixar characters. The game is set to land in June, and as mentioned before, the game will launch featuring ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Monsters University’, and ‘The Incredibles’ play sets inside the booster pack. This is a Disney fans ultimate dream, and I for one can’t wait to see what Disney Interactive has pulled off here. Below are the trailers for ‘Disney Infinity’, the ‘Cars Play Set’ trailer, and some images from the game. Are you excited for ‘Disney Infinity’? Let me know in the comments below, only here at Chip and Company!

Disney Infinity – ‘Cars’ Playset Trailer

Disney Infinity Trailer


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