Demonstrations at Crystal Arts in the Magic Kingdom

Crystal Arts sign

Have you ever checked out this hidden gem? Most people book it down Main Street with their eyes on the castle. But if you take a moment to actually look around on Main Street, you should step inside Crystal Arts. For one thing, it’s Air Conditioned! It’s also never crowded, in fact, the day we stopped by last month, we had the entire store to ourselves for 20+ minutes!

Crystal Arts sells… well, crystal art! There are many fun little and large glass and crystal figurines – including many of your favorite Disney characters! It’s a very pretty store to walk through, and relatively safe for little ones to enter as well – because most pieces are displayed in glass cabinets.

Charlie - Glass Blower

If you walk to the very back of the store, you’ll see that the back section is set up for Glass Blowing. If the Cast Member isn’t there already making beautiful pieces, check the desk right there for the “Next Demonstration Time.” If the Glass Blower is there, you’re in for a treat! Charlie, was very quick in making a “Daisy” vase – we watched for 20 minutes as he worked his magic. He was happy to answer questions, while he used the kiln and spun the glass.

This was a great break from the crowds, a great way to cool off, and certainly something fascinating to watch that you might not expect to see at the Magic Kingdom! So, next time you’re looking for a hidden gem – check out the Crystal Arts store. They also have demonstrations towards the front of the store as they create things out of crystal.


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