Decorate Your MagicBands With Gorgeous MagicBand Bows

MagicBand Bows

In my journey to always be unique and stand out, I of course am always looking for new ways to customize my MagicBands. Disney offers lots of great ways to customize sure, but sometimes I like to go a little bigger, and I definitely can with these delightfully frilly MagicBand Bows from AFairyTaleBowtique on Etsy.

These mini bows are perfect for adding a touch of style and glamour to your MagicBands, with out permanently altering them. I like to be able to change my MagicBands up now and then, so I enjoy having some options that I can switch up for my mood, outfit or event. The bows are big enough to stand out, and show off, but small enough to not be obtrusive to your park going activities. The Bow comes on a small elastic that makes it easy for you to slide on your MagicBand and you can adjust where on the band you wear it. With such an easy way to attach them, it’s a quick way to have a super cute accessory to go along with your MagicBand and outfit! Being removable also means that you can use it on a different MagicBand if you get a new one too. The Minnie Mouse one looks adorbs with my Minnie Mouse Magic Band slider.

Here are the styles they are currently available in:

This designer is also a total sweetheart, ships super fast and is always coming up with new designs! Which of these character inspired MagicBand Bows are your favorite?

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