Decorate For Halloween With These Fun Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments


Are you looking for some fun Disney-themed ideas for your Halloween decorating?  If you have a thin pencil tree, a table-top tree, or if you happen to have a black holiday tree on hand, then you have the foundation for creating a spooky feature indoors, or on your front porch.   The Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments provide fun and decorative elements for your Halloween tree this year.

The Ear Ornaments are 3-dimensional with decorative elements all around.  Each ear of the ornament is decorated front and back as well.  I find the ears to be a really fun way to add the Disney touch to your holiday decorating.

The Jack Skellington Ears Ornament is features his primary black and white colors with pops of orange and yellow.  The back of the ornament feature’s Jack’s ghost dog, Zero.  Jack’s signature is found inside the gaping mouth of the jack-o-lantern.

The Sally Ears Ornament is more colorful with her traditional light-blue face and red hair.  The ears feature the patchwork of Sally’s dress on one side, while the other side features her “Deadly Night Shade” make-up.  The back of the ornament is Sally’s red hair with her signature and black rose on the back of one ear.

Take a trip to Halloween Town with this fun ears ornament.  The Pumpkin King has been kind enough to sign the back of one ear on this ornament.  His primary color scheme is orange and black with a truly frightful face on the front.

The ever-popular Oogie Boogie also has his own Ear Ornament.  His coloring is a bit off but the other movie elements such as the stitching and the dice, are on point.  He has even taken a moment to leave his signature on the back of one ear.


Sandy Claws is resplendent in this fun Ear Ornament representation.  I love the reds, purples, and greens against the bright white of his face.  The back of the ornament features his sack and his signature.  This particular ornament is my favorite of the Ear Ornaments.

And what would Ear Ornaments be without a Mickey option?  This one is really cute and is a good option if you are looking to add Mickey Mouse to your ornament collection.  One side features a fun Mickey face, while the other side displays a fearful Mickey face. The top of the ornament gives the illusion of the Mickey Pumpkin being filled with candy.

If you prefer a more traditional ornament you will find some additional options in The Nightmare Before Christmas line of ornaments. I particularly enjoy the Sandy Claws ornament.  The colors are fun and Zero is sitting beside Sandy Claws complete with his jack-o-lantern nose.

Decorating for the seasons is always so much fun.  If you enjoy the Autumn season and Halloween, then The Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments may be just what you are looking for to complete your holiday decorating.

Which Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament is your favorite?  Please leave your comments in the box below.

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