Could A Deadpool, Wolverine, and Spider-Man Team Up Be Coming to the MCU?

Could A Deadpool, Wolverine, and Spider-Man Team Up Be Coming to the MCU? Could the Marvel heroes with the worst attitude problem, filthy mouth, and cheesy, eye-rolling jokes, be teaming up for a never before seen cinematic experience? According to a source close to, Marvel Studios is planning a cross over of epic proportions.

The “insider” claims that Marvel Studios is looking to create a film that will be centered around Deadpool, Wolverine, and Spider-Man as the team up to kick some major booty.

This wouldn’t be the first time the “Merc with a Mouth”, Spidey, and the X-Men have worked together, but it would be the first time the three heroes would be showcased in a live-action featured film together.

Fairly frequently in the comics we would see DP and Logan team up to save the day in the popular comic series: Wolverine and Deadpool. On occasion, Mr. Pool’s best superhero friend, Spider-Man, would be recruited to join them on their misadventures.

It’s wildly known at this point that Hugh Jackman has hung up the claws for the last time and a new actor will portray Wolverine/Logan in any new endeavors. Jackman’s real life bestie, Ryan Reynolds has no plans to retire from his now iconic performance as Deadpool/Wade Wilson, but I’m sure there will be plenty of 4th wall breaking jokes from DP about the replacement. I mean, they practically write themselves at this point, let’s be honest.

We also know that Marvel is rumored to have ordered 9 Spider-Man based films, 2 of which have already premiered, meaning we have at least 7 more films for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland.

Rumor has it the films will be set as three trilogies. One trilogy following Peter in high school, another trilogy following Peter Parker through college, and a final trilogy of Peter as a full fledged adult Spider-Man with years of experience as the web-slinging hero.

If Marvel Studios does decide to bring the three heroes together, we can only imagine the fantastic dialog and action packed entertainment the film will have to offer. Currently, there is no set director, writer, or casting other than the established cast of Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland, who already make an outstanding duo that we would love to see on screen together.

In the meantime, our Spidey-senses are tingling at this idea and we can’t wait to see what Marvel has in store for these Marvel-ous heroes! Be sure to check back here at Chip and Company for all things Marvel.

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics/Marvel Studios/Sony

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