David Harbour Wants Marvel To Stream ‘Black Widow’ After Initial Release Date

David Harbour Wants Marvel To Stream ‘Black Widow’ After Initial Release Date. Black Widow and Stranger Things star David Harbour shared with The Independent that he would like to see Marvel stream Black Widow after the intended theatrical release date, May 1st.

“My publisher also sent me an email saying Black Widow had been postponed and I think I replied ‘shocker’,” Harbour shared with The Independent adding: “Wouldn’t it be fun if we all could just stream it? But that’s above my pay grade.”

David also shared the idea with fans this week via his Instagram Stories and many seem on board with the idea.

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Posture. It’s important, kids. #blackwidow

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Currently, Disney and Marvel Studios have not shared details on alternate plans for the release of Black Widow and likely IF (and BIG IF here) they were to do so, it would be a total surprise. More than likely, if it appears that theatrical closures will last longer than expected the studios may choose to release the film via digital release over just streaming.

The reason being, Black Widow, and other films such as Mulan, The New Mutants, and Antlers, all cost their respective film studios a ton of money to produce. It would be a shame to the casts and crews of the films who worked so hard to create these pieces only to have them released with minimal return if they were released straight to Disney+. Particularly the build up to Black Widow would be disappointing as fans have waited nearly a decade to see Scarlett Johansson lead her own Black Widow focused film only to be snubbed of a theatrical release at the last second.

As a leader in writing for entertainment and news, and as a self-proclaimed HUGE fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I would hope IF Marvel does decide to release Black Widow they would start with a Digital release, offer a theatrical release once the coast is clear, then after a theatrical run offer the film via streaming on Disney+. Though, that is just my opinion, I am sure others, like David Harbour, have their own (and that is completely valid.)

We are very excited to see Black Widow however Marvel decides to release it, and can’t wait to see what is in store for the MCU. Be sure to check back here at Chip and Co. for all things Marvel!

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Source: Digital Spy

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