Darkwing Duck Returns for the New DuckTales Reboot

Darkwing Duck Returns

Get ready DuckTales fans, because things are about to get dangerous! He is the terror that flaps in the night, he is the mouse that nips your cheese, and he is returning to TV in the new Ducktales reboot on Disney XD! That’s right guys, DarkWing Duck returns once more in the new DuckTales reboot!

The confirmation that DarkWing Duck returns, was made at the San Deigo Comic Con by the creators of the DuckTales reboot. Only a brief image of concept art was shown, but that’s enough to get this Duck fan super excited! The brief sneak peek also shows Darkwing’s motorcycle, the Ratchatcher, and his ultimate arch nemesis MEGAVOLT! The show creators stayed very quiet on how Darkwing will be introduced, or even when we will see his first appearance, but knowing it WILL happen is enough for me!

DuckTales will make it’s premiere with an hour long movie on Saturday, August 12th on the ¬†Disney XD channel. The series will make it’s official debut with two new episodes Saturday September 23rd!

Are you excited for the return of Darkwing Duck in the new DuckTales reboot?

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